Winch for ATV: features of choice and installation

Quad bike is rather heavy transportA remedy that can sit firmly in the mud. And manually pull it out from there is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, the winch for the ATV is a very necessary and practical acquisition. There are many types of presented devices: manual, mechanical and electrical. The last option is most common.

ATV winch
The winch for the ATV must have a certaintractive effort, which should be 3 times the mass of the vehicle itself. The most effective will be a device with screeds. The unit must be of good quality, all parts must be made of strong materials.

Now pay attention to the cable. For today, steel and Kevlar elements are used. The latter option is often the first one needs cleaning, otherwise it will simply rot. However, Kevlar is a safer material than steel, since in case of a breakdown it is less traumatic. Moreover, despite the strength, on the surface of the metal over time there are burrs, which are very easy to injure.

installation of a winch on a quad bike
Winch for ATV can be equippedwireless or wired remote control. The first option will be indispensable if you are used to driving yourself. Next, you should pay attention to the winch rope. It can be roller or steel. Another important issue is the location of the installation of the device. Most often it is mounted in front.

The installation of the winch on the ATV is carried out onbumper bumpers. However, in order that it does not crash ahead of time, it is better to weld to it the metal corners on which the device will be fastened. Rear winches are mounted extremely rarely, although you can use a removable version. In order for the device to work effectively, it should be equipped with a shroud strap. To switch the modes of operation of the unit, it is better to use the lever, rather than the mantle.

electric winch for ATV
The winch for the ATV should be usedOnly when the engine is on, and it should not be planted. The presented device will help to quickly pull your transport out of the mud. This unit is especially needed for those people who like to ride off-road. In order to pull the ATV out of the swamp, you must tie one end of the cable to another vehicle, pole or tree and turn on the winch.

As for the choice, we should pay attention toand on car devices, since they are universal. The electric winch for the ATV must meet certain requirements. During the selection, consider the power of the device, compactness and practicality, ease of use, reliability, as well as the weight of the structure. All these indicators depend on the size of your transport, the performance of its engine and the total mass. In principle, these are all the features of choosing and installing winches on your vehicle. If you want to drive on any landscapes, we advise you to purchase the device presented. Good luck!

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