Sewage machine and its application

Sewage machine (vacuum suction system) -This is a special car that is designed for pumping and transporting sewage from sewers, sediment tanks and cesspools. The process of pumping out is by means of special intake hoses, as well as the creation of a vacuum in the tank itself. The vacuum is created by means of a special vacuum pump (for example, "KO 503" or "KO 503v"). Actually, the name of the pumps determines the model of the sewage machine itself.

Such a technique as the GAZ car wash machine,is located in almost every communal economy. It is this car brand that is so popular all over Russia. And for large sewers, KAMAZ, MAZ and ZIL cars are used. Also foreign analogues are possible.

Sewage machine

A car-cleaner can pump outpractically any impurities (with the exception of explosive and flammable liquids). The contents of toilets, cesspools, settling tanks - all this is handled by a sewage machine. The price for such transport varies depending on the brand of the car, such as the vacuum pump, and also the volume of the tank.

Using pipes and pump, contaminated liquidtransported in a sealed container. Further, all impurities are brought to a special point of processing. The process of sewage helps prevent a heap of faults associated with the sewage system. After all, when the sewerage is filled with various feces, after a while all the liquid will flow back, from where it flows. To prevent this unpleasant moment, and machines are used - wastewater.

Sewage machine gas

In addition to cleaning the cesspools and sumpuncleanness, a sewage machine can perform the function of draining a reservoir, cleaning a well, or simply taking out hard-to-process wastes. And this is only a brief list of all the uses of the wastewater.

Often in many large citiesThe sewage machine is practically not used. Most often this transport is ordered by residents of private houses for pumping feces from cesspools. For some people who use the services of a sanitizer (in particular, owners of country houses), this service is not a cheap pleasure.

Sewage machine price

The use of a sewage machine has manypluses. The main one is the support of environmental cleanliness in the environment. Sewage helps to avoid a lot of natural problems, while improving the city and the country as a whole.

Given the reliability, ease of use, maintainability and other advantages of the sewer machine, the prices for it are quite democratic.

When choosing a sewage machine, each residentRussia can stop at both the state and private organizations. But when ordering the public service, do not expect her to arrive quickly (however, if you have free time, you can safely wait). But the prices for services are slightly lower than those of private firms. Of course, it is best to spend more money and to call the private organization. The car will arrive very quickly and will do all the work in five minutes.

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