Shock absorbers «Monroe»

Under the Belgian brand "Monroe" is producedwide assortment of shock absorbers. Details of this particular production are used in more than 98% of models of the world car industry. The "Monroe" shock absorbers are sold in more than one hundred and fifty countries. The European division of the company owns four plants. Every day 90,000 shock absorbers descend from the conveyors. The annual output is 19 million parts.

"Monroe" - shock absorbers that have passed controlquality. In the course of the production process, the details are checked in one hundred and sixty-five control points. This greatly contributes to improving the quality of products, increasing the level of reliability and durability. "Monroe" shock absorbers are used by such well-known car manufacturers as RENAULT, FORD, AUDI, ISUZU, MITSUBISHI, MERCEDES, NISSAN, VOLKSWAGEN and others.

Shock absorbers «Monroe» ORIGINAL

The products of this series are practical andreliability. Racks are specifically designed to replace standard shock absorbers installed on the car. Thus, the wear of the suspension of the machine is compensated. This series is specially designed for replacement.

Shock absorbers «Monroe» REFLEX

This series includes the production of a newgeneration. Shock absorbers increase the stability of the machine, maintain a safe trajectory of its movement. This in combination ensures the safety of the driver and passengers. According to polls, the "Monroe" REFLEX shock absorbers prefer about seventy-eight percent of motorists.

The products of this series help to increase the adhesion of tires to the track. Thus, the course of the car becomes more stable and, accordingly, safe.

The work of shock absorbers is based on the system,known as the "Double Disc". The design provides a special group of valves, which has the additional ability to regulate the supply of oil against the background of a sufficiently low speed of piston motion. The "Double Disk" system provides a higher level of shock absorber stiffness at very low rod speeds. This is especially true in hazardous situations: braking or rebuilding. Thus, it becomes possible to control each movement of the machine.

Valve system "Double Disk" can passthrough yourself a different amount of oil. This, in turn, contributes at every moment to have the necessary rigidity in accordance with the road situation.

Shock absorbers «Monroe» Adventure

This series was developed specifically formodern all-wheel drive cars. The Adventure shock absorbers perfectly perform the task of providing reliable position and stability in off-road conditions, as well as the necessary grip with the track. This production replaced the Gaz-Magnum model, which was produced for about twelve years. For a new series, a single-tube design was chosen.

In many off-road vehicles, a suspensionshort stroke. In this case, the limited length of single-tube shock absorbers in such cases is not an obstacle to its installation. In addition, manufacturers have improved the shock absorber model, increasing reliability and improving performance.

Today, from the assembly line, about one hundred and forty-nine different models from the Adventure series come off. That makes up ninety-seven percent of the world's fleet of SUVs.

Shock absorbers of the brand "Monroe" VAN-MAGNUM

This series includes hydraulic models,which are specially designed for light vehicles. To such cars it is customary to include Ford Transit, Gazelle and other commercial models of minibuses. VAN-MAGNUM series shock absorbers are intended for cars, the weight of which is from two to three and a half tons. Details significantly improve the performance of the suspension due to the presence of a special design of the increased size.

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