The VAZ 2110 should be selected correctly

VAZ 2110 is a popular Russian car with front-wheel drive, four doors. In the common people, the owners of the VAZ 2110 affectionately call it "ten".

It is very important for the safety and comfort of a trip to the VAZ 2110 to choose the right brake discs. Their replacement is a simple, but obligatory measure.

Wheels VAZ 2110
When replacing a disk, you must first measure the thicknessspecial instrument - caliper. Be sure to check if there is any damage to the disk. Otherwise, they will contribute to the rapid wear of the pads.

Wheels VAZ 2110

In order to replace the discs, you need to determine when to change them. If it's too early, then it's pointless, if it's too late, then it can be dangerous.

When replacing, it is necessary to have tools such as a jack, a hammer, nippers, keys, new shoes and brake discs, a puller.

The VAZ 2110 disks must be made by the manufacturer who produced the pads. Replacement of the pads is mandatory, otherwise there is a big risk of an accident during braking.

Beginning of work

First, the car is mounted on the jack andsecurely fixed. Then use a wrench to remove the wheel. The disc and caliper are cleaned. Further the support is removed from the disk, the brake cylinder is disconnected.

Pads are necessarily removed. Inside anthers, if necessary, also change. The disc is cleaned with a brush, certain places are lubricated. To unscrew the screws, you need to knock with a hammer.

The wheels are cleaned and lubricated. A new disk is inserted. All parts must be in place.

After the end of the work, check the bleeding of the brake fluid.

Correctly selected drives VAZ 2110

By car VAZ 2110 disc brakes are locatedon the front wheels, and behind - the drums. Choose the disk you need to ventilate. It allows you not to boil the brake fluid. The ideal option - a fourteen-inch ventilated discs. They are suitable for those who like fast driving. The only drawback - you will need to install new calipers.

The factory sizes of VAZ 2110 tires are usually 175/70 R13 or 175/65 R14.

What does this record mean? 175 - tire width in mm, 70 or 65 - tire height in percent, R13, 14 - tire radius in inches.

But some motorists tune their swallow with other sizes: 185/60 R14, 195/50 R15 or 205/45 R16.

You can also find this code: 88W. At the same time 88 - load on the bus, letter code - speed capabilities of the wheel.

When choosing tires and disks for a VAZ 2110 car, you must take into account the configuration of the model. Some need steel wheels and tubeless tires, some - aluminum wheels.

Brake disks VAZ 2110
Replacement of brake discs is desirable after a run of one hundred thousand kilometers.

If there were scratches, there was a suspicious noise, the thickness of the disc decreased - this means that it's time to change it.

The front brake discs VAZ 2110 wear out more quickly, since the car is front-wheel drive.

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