How to adjust the carburetor car VAZ?

One of the main issues that worriesalmost all car owners, is the question of fuel economy of the car. In carburetor engines, the main role in this matter belongs to the carburetor, in which the mixing of fuel and air in the required proportion, resulting in a combustible mixture. The qualitative composition of this mixture directly depends on the operating mode of the engine, and, accordingly, its economy. That's why the question of how to adjust the carburetor, for many drivers is very relevant.

As for cars of the VAZ series, hereThe fuel consumption for such models as 2105 and 2107 on the average is 7.5 liters when driving outside the city and about 9.6 liters in the urban cycle. Thanks to manual adjustment, the total consumption can be reduced to 0.4-0.5 liters, so it will be useful for every car enthusiast to find out how this can be done.

Here's how to adjust the carburetor tooptimal level of fuel consumption. First of all, it should be understood that the individual adjustment of the entire metering system should be carried out in the right sequence, since otherwise, when adjusting one camera, the settings of the other can be changed. To prevent this from happening, the adjustment starts from the primary chamber of the main metering system, gradually decreasing the input section (depletion of the incoming mixture), after which it is necessary to adjust the idling and at the very end check the carburettor operation at high loads with the opening of the second chamber. Consequently, the adjustment of the carburetor VAZ can significantly reduce fuel consumption and achieve savings.

The possibility of adjusting the mixture in the primary chambercan be implemented either by replacing the fuel jets with a smaller cross-section, or by increasing the inlet diameter of the air jet. The latter is much easier to do, so it is with it that the carburettor adjustment begins. On cars VAZ 2107 and VAZ 2105 it is enough to increase the cross-section from 1.7 to 1.9-2 mm, which will already contribute to the enrichment of the fuel mixture. After that, they start adjusting the idle speed, since in the matter of how to adjust the carburetor, an important role is played by fuel consumption at idle engine speeds. The point is that here it is necessary to achieve an extremely depleted composition of the combustible mixture both at the minimum shaft speed and in the transitional level, in which the throttle flap edge is in close proximity to the passageways through which fuel is supplied. For the adjustment, a tachometer is used, as well as a special trim screw, with which the necessary composition of the fuel mixture in the transient mode is achieved. In addition, in the idling adjustment, the quantity and quality adjusting screws are used, which are already set in accordance with the trimmer screw.

After idling is adjusted andthe main dosing system, proceed to adjust the secondary chamber, which is necessary to maintain good dynamic properties of the car. Dosing system of the secondary chamber should provide preparation of a more enriched fuel mixture, which will successfully cope with the load on the car during high speed and at high engine speeds.

How to adjust the carburetor, you canin addition to learn from the manual for the model of the car VAZ, for which you need to make adjustments. However, the main principle and sequence of performing all operations remain unchanged.

Thus, we now know how to correctlyadjust the carburetor and what is needed for this. If all the above requirements are met, any car owner will be able to adjust the carburetor's operation to the most economical mode of operation.

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