Carburetor DAAZ

If you are a car owner VAZ "Classic" (from2101 and up to 2107), then you have often had to decide whether to increase the dynamics of the car or reduce fuel consumption. If the engine is called the heart of the car, then the carburettor can safely be called a heart valve. The fuel consumption depends entirely on the carburettor setting. From the correct setting it depends also on the

carburetor DAAZ
acceleration dynamics.

The DAAS carburetor consists of the main parts: a diffuser, a throttle, a jet and a float chamber. If you need a replacement carburetor, you need to be able to choose among a large number of one that will meet certain conditions and will be suitable for the desired cubic capacity of the engine. The most revered today is the carburetor DAAZ. From 1970 to 1982 the carburettor was installed DAAZ 2101, 2103, 2106, manufactured at the Dimitrov Automobile Plant. In place of the old came the new carburettors, 2105-2107. They have already improved the system, in comparison with their predecessors, and they have a new name - "Ozone". This name speaks about the environmental friendliness of the DAAZ carburetor. Their installation in our time is made on "Classics".

carburettor adjustment DAAZ 2107
If you take the operating manual, thenthe rules prescribe that the adjustment of the DAAZ 2107 carburetor should be carried out on a regular basis, thus, it will be possible to achieve fuel economy, while the engine performance will not be lost. The DAAS carburettor consists of a large number of friction parts, which, when worn, require mandatory adjustment.

Adjustment of the DAAS carburettor consists ofseveral stages. First, you need to adjust the drive rods. To do this: unscrew and remove the air filter with the body, measure the length between the centers of the tips of the traction (it should be 80mm). At any deviation it is necessary to remove a tip. Using the key on the 8 release the locknut and rotate the tip to the required length of pull. Now you can tighten the locknut and install traction in place.

carburetor adjustment

It is necessary to check the opening of the first throttle chamber when the accelerator pedal is pressed all the way. If this does not happen, then the lever of this flap has an additional stroke.

Using a screwdriver, the plastictip from the intermediate link of the longitudinal link. Now you need to release the lock nut and reduce the length of the pull rod. Put the thrust in place and again check how the flap opens.

When the pedal is released, it should happenThrottle valve closing. If this did not work, then you need to extend the traction. To do this, release the attachment of the suction cable. In the car you need to fully extend the handle, which controls the air damper. In order for the flap to open, press the three-arm lever and immediately tighten the locking screw.

Now, pulling the handle of the air damper, close it. Push the handle again until it stops. After making sure that the flap is fully open, it is necessary to tighten the locking screw.

Any car model uses a carburetorwith a falling stream. That is, the air, falling into the carburetor from above, falls vertically down. There is a mixing of air with fuel, which comes through the jets.

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