Where is the oil filter located? Removal of the oil filter

Most car owners do not know howchange the engine oil and where the oil filter is located. But as the vehicle is being used, the need to replace the oil arises. Those drivers who do not want to overpay 300-500 rubles for replacing lubricants in the service station, are forced to do it themselves. If you know where the oil filter and the crankcase are located, it is not difficult to replace the lubricant. About this and talk.

where is the oil filter

What is the purpose of the oil filter?

No engine can run without lubrication. Due to the high speed and frictional force of the parts, the metal assemblies will quickly become unusable without oil, so lubrication is necessary. However, during operation, foreign impurities may be ingested in the oil, which harm the motor. Therefore, oil filters were invented that effectively trap large and small unnecessary particles contained in the oil.

The oil filter for cars isA simple and effective cleaning system that does not allow dirt and small debris to penetrate the friction pairs of the motor. She misses only pure oil. Thanks to a similar element costing only 200-300 rubles, the life of motors increases by 3-4 times. Of course, the engine can operate without a filter, but its service life will be greatly reduced.


Where is the oil filter located?

Manufacturers of cars do so thatconsumables were in a convenient place. Oil filters are just consumables, so they are usually located under the hood in places that are easy to reach.

There is no universal place where there are oilfilters on all cars. On each model the filter has its place. Most often these elements are located perpendicular to the body (on front-wheel drive cars). The filter on such machines can be seen and groped by the hands closer to the bottom of the engine.

Opening the hood of the car, just look at the bottom of the engine, and you can see a small metal cylinder - this is the oil filter.

oil filter removal

In some cars with parallelthe arrangement of the engine relative to the body (rear-wheel drive vehicles), the filter can be located on the left or right side of the engine. However, it will still be located closer to the bottom of the engine. You can see it by looking under the engine, and not under the hood of the car.

Removal of the oil filter

Approximately in 10 thousand kilometers of runThe oil filter is clogged completely, and it needs to be changed. At the same time, you need to change the oil, because the lubricant works out its time even earlier, but now it's not about that.

Given the size of the oil filter and the shape, removeits quite easy. Some masters simply unscrew it with their hands, although sometimes a tool is needed. The fact is that the filter is attached to the motor by means of a conventional threaded connection. And if it is not firmly screwed (and it does not need to be very tightened), then no tools are needed to remove it.

However, sometimes there are not enough manual efforts forremoval. Then use a special oil filter puller - this is such a tool that firmly covers the metal cylinder, rotates and unscrews the "consumables".

dimensions of the oil filter

In some cars, the filter is aa paper element is a cartridge that must be removed from the housing and a new one inserted. In this case, the replacement is also easy and fast: the oil filter cover is removed, the old filter is removed, a new one is inserted, the cover is put back on.

In fact, the replacement is reduced to unscrewingpart on the threaded connection and screw in a new one. It takes a couple minutes of time for experienced masters. Perhaps the beginner will take about five minutes, because he has to find this "consumable" first.

Change of oil

To change the filter by itself is useless. In 95% of cases it is replaced in parallel with the oil. There is no point in changing one thing, because even with a new filter, old worn oil will not show high efficiency. And a new lubricant with an old clogged filter will not circulate well around the system, which also will not lead to anything good.

oil filter cover

Therefore, oil change is a necessary procedure. In order to replace it, the machine must be driven to the pit, unscrew the bottom cover of the crankcase and drain the waste oil. Many masters recommend warming up the motor immediately before replacing the lubricant, because in this way it will quickly merge and take with it harmful deposits. After all the oil drains, you need to unscrew the old filter and fix it in its place a new one. If the filter is built-in, only the paper cartridge itself is replaced. After that, the crankcase cover is screwed back, the new oil is poured up to the required level (checked with a feeler gauge). After that, the motor can be started.


It is important to check the instrumentpanel. If you do something wrong, the oil pressure lamp may catch fire. In this case, the engine must be silenced and look at what happened. Perhaps the filter was screwed badly, and under the pressure of the lubricant, it just flew out and filled the engine with oil.

Filter Selection

You can not buy the first filter in the store. There are different models and types of filter elements with different fasteners. For different cars there are certain filters, there are no universal "consumables".

If you do not know which brand of oil filteryou need it, then you can trite call in the car dealer brand and model of the car, as well as the year of its release, and the seller immediately selects the filter that exactly fits your car.

oil filter grade

It is also worth noting that different manufacturerscan produce quality or substandard filters of the same type. For example, such well-known brands as Man, Bosch, Fram, produce reliable filter elements that are able to withstand even high pressure in the oil system and at the same time they work for years. There are also cheap Chinese analogues that can not withstand the required pressure, which will lead to breakage of the consumables and oil leakage. Therefore, do not save on these details, because the filter leakage can be fraught with problems with the engines in the future, until the overhaul. Of course, this is possible only if the driver does not pay attention to the oil pressure bulb on the dashboard.


Some masters recommend changing oilflush the engine oil system. In this case, two filters are used at once. That is, the waste oil is drained, a special rinse is poured in and a new one (usually the cheapest one) is installed instead of the old one. Then the motor starts and runs for 15 minutes. In this case, the engine is flushed from deposits on the walls of the cylinders.

After that the oil is drained again, it is removedfilter. Then a good quality filter is installed and the necessary oil is poured. With this procedure, the motors work better, because harmful deposits are removed from the system. True, for this you have to spend immediately on two canisters of oil and two filters.


Now you know where the oil filter is located inmachine, and you can change it yourself. If you do not have a pit on which you could drive a car, then you should not be upset. Today there are special installations that are able to pump oil through the dipstick. But this is not the topic of this article.

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