Honda Accord: reviews

Update in the Accord family occurred in 2003year. The world saw a new model Honda Accord. Reviews about this car appear on sites today, as the car series under this name was updated more than once.

Honda Accord, drivers reviews.

Honda Accord slightly increased in size. In length, it became 8 cm larger, and wider - 5 cm. At the same time, the main unit - the engine - did not change. To be more precise, not just one engine from the entire line has changed. Preserved is also the familiar for us 5-speed automatic and 6-speed mechanics. In the manual mode there were podrulevye switches Honda Accord. The characteristics of the car remained practically at the same level.

The maximum configuration of the machine has a 2.4-liter engine and an automatic transmission.

Honda Accord. Characteristics of the model.
Boasting a driver in this car is what. This is the electric adjustment of the front seats in a wide range, which has its own memory of the position of the chair, and parktronics, and mirrors with the function of tilting during the movement of the car in reverse, and the presence of additional deflectors for passengers in the rear seats, and the electric hatch. And that's not counting the presence of xenon, rain sensor, leather interior, cruise control and a luxurious audio system with a 6CD changer, 10 subwoofers and other small parts both inside and outside the Honda Accord. Reviews of drivers about this version are extremely positive.

As for the exterior features of the car,then he looked much more beautiful and more solid. Some blurring of its proportions and excessive obesity of forms have left. Manufacturers managed to return Accord its character, emphasizing its dynamism. The fact that the car became more dimensional, did not become a problem for designers in its finalization. They succeeded in smoothing this out due to the additional facets and angles of optics. The aristocratic nature of the car adds to the interior, and the status is emphasized by the chrome radiator grille.

Not to say that the specifications of HondaThe chord especially surprised us. No, well, maybe, if not a small hitch at the start, the feeling would have been a little different. After all, when the car starts to gain speed, everything falls into place. Acceleration, braking, turning and rebuilding are quite free.

 Specifications Honda Accord.
Of course, street racing is not a car. From the sports car he has only a harsh suspension - and that's it. The reaction of the wheels of the car to the driver's actions became somewhat calmer, and the suspension does not have enough comfort. Despite these shortcomings, the car is simply ensured success. It's Honda Accord, whose reviews are in a positive light.

Let's return to the interior trim of the car. Finishing most of the details of the polymer material, which resembles the skin, is very high quality. All appliances are stylish, and most importantly - comfortable. Settings driving qualities are very successful. Let not sport, but still, switching to S mode, you feel pleasure. Of course, those who constantly keep track of fuel consumption, it is better not to ride this mode. But if you do not spare money for pleasure - use these characteristics. The reserve of power of the car will certainly suffice. The fact that at a speed of 120 km / h the tachometer shows 2500 revolutions is not a fairy tale. To see this, you just need to press the "+" button, which is on the display, it will then show that you are in 5th gear. At the same time, you will not feel any tension, overloads or the roar of the Honda Accord engine. Reviews of hard suspension sometimes deter some buyers. This is one of the most basic shortcomings of auto.

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