The car is Ford Fusion. Reviews

The Ford Fusion car was developed by the European division of the company located in Germany. This model is considered one of the most purchased of all Ford models.

The Ford Fusion series received its name ("Fusion")not just. The word "Fusion" is translated as "symbiosis", "merger". The Ford Fusion car was built on the basis of the Ford Fiesta car (fifth-generation models). Designers in the new series were able to successfully connect the quality of the all-terrain vehicle and a fairly compact hatchback. The manufacturer himself positions the car as an active city car.

The car is Ford Fusion. Specifications

The main advantages of the hatchback includehigh ground clearance (two hundred millimeters). This, of course, has its advantages in traveling, both on suburban and urban Russian roads. The Ford Fusion car (the owners' reviews confirm this) has the necessary degree of safety, roomy, very comfortable interior. One of the positive qualities of the unit is its affordable cost. According to many experts, the Ford Fusion car - this is the case when the car, being in the same price range with similar designs of this class, has a much greater set of advantages.

The basic version of the model includes fifteen-inch alloy wheels, tires 195/60 R15, two curtains and four airbags, ABS with EBD, electric power steering.

Despite the one-dimensionality with the Fiesta base, FordFusion (reviews and comments of experts show this) is structurally different from this machine. So, the hatchback has large dimensions in all parameters. The height and length of the car increased by almost a hundred millimeters, width - almost forty.

Despite the increased ground clearance, the carsufficiently stable, the car is distinguished by good maneuverability. The Ford Fusion model (reviews of experts point to this) due to the presence of a rigid suspension is perfectly controllable on corners even at high speeds.

In addition, the body of the car is strengthened. Front use of the McPherson suspension, behind - a reliable beam. All this indicates that the manufacturer was preparing a machine for Russian roads. In addition, in the Ford Fusion model (reviews of motorists indicate this), the review has been improved by seven percent.

The interior of the car is almost identical to the interior of the Fiesta. Development is quite comfortable. The manufacturer decided not to change it, thereby leaving the car in an affordable price range.

Visiting card appearance of the Ford carFusion (reviews and comments of experts point to this) are considered moldings on the sidewalls and quite powerful bumpers. Due to them, the hatchback is a bit like an SUV. Despite the increased size, the exterior looks very compact. High landing, spacious and comfortable salon allow you to feel very comfortable in the car. Important is a good overview.

The trunk of the model is very capacious. This department includes more than three hundred liters.

In the series Fusion there are powersixteen-valve Duratec motors. The volume of engines is 1.4 / 1.6 liters per 80/100 horsepower. It should be noted that the engines are very economical. The manufacturer claims consumption of about seven liters per hundred kilometers. For Russian consumers, a model with a gasoline engine is available. In Europe, you can buy a diesel engine.

The motors are equipped with five-stageautomatic and mechanical boxes. It should be noted, however, that the machine is only supplied to the 1.4 liter engine. According to many motorists, the boxes showed themselves well: it is possible to switch without using a clutch, there is an auto mode.

The car is fairly confidently held on the road, quietly overcomes obstacles at low speeds. The machine is characterized by good handling, maneuverability.

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