Brave American "Chevrolet Orlando" with a clearance of 165 mm

Chevrolet Orlando - American front-wheel drive"Missionary", designed to capture the share of the European car market. The minivan is economical, practical, oriented to the daily needs of the average Old World person. Considering this brand, we have seen since 2008 a clear shift of the corporate strategy of the eminent American manufacturer to a new market for itself. To replace the previous model, which showed a decent level of sales (68,000 units, in 2012 - the second place in its class), now comes a new generation of cars.

Chevrolet Orlando

The assortment is presented by four complete sets. Even the basic equipment of Chevrolet Orlando is quite impressive: improved seats, wheels (LS), four airbags, an electric package, heated front seats, ABS system, air conditioning. It also assumes a manual transmission. Provided and improved basic - equipped with additional electronics and gadgets. Driving for the driver is greatly simplified thanks to the options of the multi- rudder for controlling the on-board computer, cruise control, radio tape recorder. Additional side, ceiling airbags are provided. There is also an elite complete set of Chevrolet Orlando. Its price differs from the basic "total" by 148 thousand rubles. and is 908 thousand rubles. It additionally includes climate control, an air filter.

Chevrolet Orlando price

"Chevrolet Orlando" -2013 has a spacious interior,Suitable dimensions: in length, width, height, they are, respectively, 4652 mm, 1836 mm, 1633 mm. An impressive wheelbase indicates stability on the road - 2760 mm. And, of course, obviously will please domestic drivers the ground clearance offered by Americans. Finally there was a car with a decent clearance - 165 mm!

"American" relative to the previous modelis equipped with an extended line of engines. In addition to the well-proven gasoline capacity (1.8 liters) with a capacity of 141 liters. from. from 2013 on the domestic car market diesel engines with a displacement of 2, 131 hp, 163 hp, respectively, are planned. The minivan engine will work in tandem with a five-speed "mechanics" or a six-speed "automatic". Designers Chevrolet strengthened the front suspension of this front-wheel drive car, the possibilities of the traditional "McPherson" are increased by replacing the silent blocks with aluminum A-shaped levers, as well as hydraulic legs. The rear suspension is traditional for the front drives - torsion beam. The press, however, published news about the idea to make Chevrolet Orlando also four-wheel drive. But this, in all likelihood, is futile, because the serial salon does not yet provide a "tunnel" for the introduction of cardan transmission.

Chevrolet Orlando 2013

In addition we will inform some moreattractive design features "Chevrolet Orlando" - really a family car. Echoing your favorite movie, "light movement of the hand" the salon turns, the salon turns ... into a spacious luggage compartment with a capacity of 900 liters (!). Those. In fact, for single shipments, we can transform the minivan into a van.

Analyzing the feedback of the owners, one can come to the conclusion that this model is successful and promising.

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