Replacement of salon filter by own hands

Replacement salon filter - a simple operation, onwhich takes no more than five minutes (to dismantle the old filter and install a new one). However, in specialized salons for this they take considerable sums, which is absolutely unjustified.

You can buy the filter in any car dealer orservice center. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product. It is recommended to buy details from authorized dealers, so the components will last longer, and the need for frequent repairs is completely excluded.

Consider how the salon filter is replaced in Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3.

Replacement of salon filter
About Toyota

Almost in all cars, the cabin filter is located under the glove box. Engineers of the company "Toyota" decided not to swim against the flow, and placed it in the same place.

So, the process itself! Initially, the glove box should be pulled out and the fixing bracket unscrewed from the right side of the structure. Further, the whole glove compartment is dismantled, for this, the side walls are squeezed a little and it is stretched.

Replacement salon filter Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla Cabin Filter Replacementis carried out by removing the plastic cover, which is fixed in the niche. The latches of the lid are unfastened and the filter is removed. The new one is inserted so that its edges are slightly pressed. Once the structure is in place, it snaps into place.

Now it remains only to install a glove box. Its walls, as it was during dismantling, are compressed, so that the pins enter the grooves, after which the nut is twisted.

About Mazda

Replacement salon filter Mazda 3 is also quite simple. First of all, it is necessary to disconnect the battery, since the work will be carried out near current-carrying circuits.

In the glove compartment of the car with toolsThe panel is flipped and moved to the left to be dismantled. Under it there are fasteners, they should be unscrewed, and the case of the glove box will move out. Under the glove compartment is a plastic protection, it is fixed on two fasteners. After its dismantling, one more clip is dismantled to the left of the passenger seat, this time the protective panel is removed and access to the fuse block fastenings is made.

Further, the replacement of the salon filter is carried out bydismantling the fuse box, its connector is disconnected, finally, you can remove the filters. In the Mazda 6 filter two. Before installing new ones, it is necessary to wipe the compartment well, remove accumulated garbage and collect everything in reverse order.

Replacement of salon filter Mazda 3
After the work is finished, you need to throwterminals of the battery and check the operation of all devices. When power is restored, it is recommended to set the initial position of the windows. To do this, the motor is started, and each glass is fully raised using the button. To do this, keep it for at least 3 seconds (after full closure). When you hear the characteristic clicks, you need to release the button and perform the operation for the lower position of the glass.

If the interior filter replacement is performedindependently, it is recommended to glue it with an additional foam rubber sealant, which is used for the insulation of household windows. This allows you to conveniently mount the product, eliminating the gaps between the part and the body.

Do not spend money when you manage yourself so easily!

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