Bosch Aerotwin wiper: features

Every experienced car enthusiast knows that savingon spare parts for your car - it's a crime. And even if the purchase is concerned with such trifles as janitors, this is not an excuse to buy cheap goods. The fact that a low-quality wiper during operation produces a very loud and unpleasant sound, which in a few minutes can get rid of any driver.

Bosch Aerotwin reviews
Moreover, such products scratch the surfacea windshield, and in its place an annoying strip may form, which no polish is able to eliminate. Therefore, when buying windshield wipers, you should trust only well-known manufacturers with a good reputation. Now many motorists acquire German wipers Bosch Aerotwin. They are good in that they can be installed absolutely on any car, be it the new Ford Focus or the 20-year-old Zhiguli.

When developing all car wipers firm"Bosch" undergo many certifications, tests and checks. Against the background of other products Bosch Aerotwin remains the leader, even in comparison with the wipers of ADAC. The car wiper Aerotwin proved to be the best version of a car brush with a bracket.

Bosch Aerotwin

In general, this series of windscreen wipers isflagship for the German manufacturer "Bosch". Unlike their competitors, they have a high asymmetric spoiler, which increases their performance at high speeds. The aerodynamic design of the brushes prevents their detachment at high air resistance. The manufacturer paid special attention to the composition of the mechanism. The Bosch Aerotwin screen wiper is made of multi-component rubber, which includes natural rubber. The brush is made according to the original formula, which consists of an antifriction coating and a wear-resistant edge. In addition, this part is equipped with a special spring tire, which provides a uniform pressure on the surface. Thanks to this, this tool effectively cleans the windshield, ideally repeating all its bends. Therefore, these windshield wipers serve several times longer than their counterparts.

What do experts say about the car wipers Bosch Aerotwin?

Windshield wipers Bosch Aerotwin
According to studies, windshield wipersAerotwin received a score of 5.0 for a high degree of efficiency and reliability. The tests were carried out on a Volkswagen Golf car at a temperature of plus 20 and minus 8 degrees Celsius. In this temperature range, Bosch Aerotwin wipers showed excellent results. Thanks to the special design and composition of the rubber, Bosch Aerotwin automotive brushes practically do not wear out with prolonged exposure to summer sunlight and severe winter cold. The quality of this windshield wiper broke into the top five and took the honorable 3rd place.


Proceeding from this, it is possible to draw several conclusions. Firstly, you should never save on windshield wipers. And secondly, when buying janitors for your iron friend pay special attention to German manufacturers, and the company "Bosch" in particular.

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