Ford Fusion: owner feedback and car description

Probably everyone heard criticism of domesticdrivers say that foreign cars do not correspond to the state of Russian roads at all - they are too demanding for gasoline, and the suspension is heavily damaged in pits ... Yes, it is true, but it is still interesting whether there are such cars in the world that would not be afraid of harsh ones operating conditions? We have such machines in gold, so they never lose their popularity. Today we will consider such a car as the "Ford-Fusion". The owners' comments about this sedan say that it is simply "unmade" on our roads - it tolerates holes, potholes, puddles and many other road troubles without problems. So, let's look at the latest updated series of these American cars.

"Ford-Fusion": feedback from owners about appearance and interior

Ford fusion reviews of the owners
Looking at the fifth generation of "Fusion" cars,you can argue long about its belonging to the class of cars - it's a mixture of sedan with a city SUV. Designers themselves position the novelty as UAV, which means "active city car". The main feature of the fifth generation of "Americans" - a massive bumpers with stylish side moldings, which make the novelty more like an SUV. The grille of the rectangular shape and the original optics style make you pay attention to the "Ford-Fusion". Reviews of owners about the interior say that the interior of the novelty is a copy of the well-known "Fiesta". Although, maybe it's right, because what's the point of changing the comfortable and comfortable interior to a more expensive one, increasing the cost of the car because of a pair of armrests and coasters? But still about the new generation of cars "Ford-Fusion" the owners' reviews are not so enthusiastic - in the salon there is clearly not enough top handle on the front passenger door. About it, the developers of new items just forgot ...

Technical characteristics of the car "Ford-Fusion"

Ford Fusion 2013
Expert comments on the technical partpredict a novelty a successful future. The machine is equipped with two sixteen-valve gasoline engines with a volume of 1400 and 1600 cubic centimeters and a capacity of 80 and 100 horsepower respectively. It should be said that these engines are quite economical - according to the manufacturer, the novelty consumes no more than 7 liters per "hundred" in the cycle "city-route-city".


Ford fusion reviews
The minimum price for the "Ford-Fusion" 2013model line in Russia starts with a mark of 510 thousand rubles. Of the amenities here you can note only two airbags, an ABS system and a central lock. For the top-end equipment with a 4-speed "automatic" and a 100-horsepower engine will have to lay out at least 640 thousand rubles. At the same time, the cost of the equipment includes the installation of heated rear-view mirrors, branded audio system, front and side airbags, power windows, air conditioning and a pair of fog lamps. As you can see, cars of foreign production, suitable for operation in Russia, are really worth their weight in gold, although after acquiring such a miracle claims to the quality of assembly you definitely will not arise.

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