The VAZ-2110 air filter and its installation

In order for the car engine to work stablywith maximum performance, he needs a quality fuel mixture. One of the most important devices involved in its formation is an air filter - an indispensable element of any engine, whether it is gasoline or diesel. It is he who provides the carburetor or injector with air, cleaning it from moisture and dust.

In this article we will talk about what an air filter VAZ-2110 is, and also consider the process of its installation.

Why you need a filter

Both gasoline and diesel engines will be able to perfectlyWork without an air filtration device, but how long will it last? The smallest particles of dust, dirt and moisture on entering the engine cylinders will eventually destroy the rubbing parts.

The air filter VAZ 2110

In addition, the fuel mixture, in whichthere will be moisture and various debris, not only will not provide sufficient power, but will also cause the carburetor, injector, injectors, etc., to fail quickly.

Where is and what is the air filter element

The VAZ-2110 air filter is located inengine compartment of the car. Depending on the type of engine, its housing can have a different appearance. In carburetor motors it is made of metal and has a round shape. The air filter VAZ-2110 (injector) is placed in a rectangular plastic housing.

The filter element itself also has a different shape: for the carburetor - round, for the injector - rectangular. It is made of a special porous material, compressed into an accordion.

The filter housing of the injector models is connectedwith the engine by means of corrugation. This is a kind of air line, through which already purified air enters the device, where a fuel mixture is formed. The corrugation of the air filter VAZ-2110 is a thick corrugated rubber hose. In carburetor models, the filter element housing is mounted directly on the carburetor.

Air Filter VAZ 2110 Injector

When the filter is replaced

Naturally, the filter element everIt becomes useless and requires replacement. For VAZ-2110 vehicles, the manufacturer strongly recommends that it be replaced after every 20,000 km. If the machine is operated in conditions of increased contamination, it is better to carry out this procedure after 10 thousand km, when the engine oil and the oil filter are replaced.

It also happens that the air filter VAZ-2110becomes unfit for further work and much earlier. In carburetor engines, for example, it can be pelted with oil, if the oil rings will fail and cease to cope with their task. In addition, the filter can suffer from mechanical damage, fuel or water entering it. In these cases, it is subject to immediate replacement.

Features of choice

Pick up an air filter VAZ-2110 today is notpresents no problem. For this, you do not even need to take it with you to the store or to the market. It is enough to inform the seller of the car model and the type of engine (carburetor or injector), and he will offer you a choice of several products from different manufacturers.

Immediately indicate that the best option will bethe original filter element produced by AvtoVAZ, but it is also possible to purchase and install worthy analogues, such as Bosch, Mann or Filtron.

The case of the air filter VAZ 2110

The air filter VAZ-2110: dimensions

In the event that you get an incompetent seller, it's not superfluous to know the size of the filters for different types of motors.

For carburetor engine (round):

  • height - 62 mm;
  • outer diameter - 232 mm;
  • internal diameter - 182 mm.

For the injector motor (rectangular):

  • width - 213 mm;
  • length - 213 mm;
  • height - 58-60 mm.

Filter element with zero resistance

There is one more type of filter element forInjector motors - a filter with zero resistance of air. This is a kind of tuning element, designed to improve the air intake. The material of the filter element here practically does not exert resistance to the incoming air. This significantly increases the power and acceleration of the engine. But this tuning has three drawbacks:

  • the price of "zero-point" is much higher than that of a normal filter;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • the need for replacement after every 5-7 thousand miles.

The corrugation of the air filter VAZ 2110

Mounting of the filter VAZ-2110 (injector motor)

Now let's figure out how to install an air filter by yourself, which is required for this.


  • a screwdriver with a cross-shaped bat;
  • key for 10;
  • a damp cloth or sponge to remove dust;
  • new filter.

The car is installed on a level surface, we open the hood, detach the minus terminal from the battery, we find in the engine compartment the filter element housing and the corrugation going to the engine.

An air nozzle is located behind the hullfilter VAZ-2110, which is put on the corrugation. On it there is a socket of the gauge of the mass expense of air (ДМРВ). Disconnect this connector. We loosen the collar on the branch pipe and disconnect the corrugation.

Using a screwdriver, unscrew the 4 screws securing the filter housing cover, remove it and put it aside. We extract the spent filter element.

With a damp cloth or sponge, wipe the insidesurface of the body and cover, removing dirt and dust. We put in place a new filter. We install the housing cover, tighten the screws, connect the corrugation, connect the sensor connector. We throw the ground terminal on the battery, start the engine, check its operation.

The branch pipe of the air filter VAZ 2110

Installing the air filter VAZ-2110 (carburetor)

In cars with a carburetor engine, the procedure for replacing the filter element is much simpler. From tools and tools, you'll only need a 10-wrench and a rag.

Install the car on a flat surface,raise the hood, find the filter housing. On it there are several spring latches that fix the lid. Snap them off and unscrew them with a wrench on the 10 nut on the central stud of the lid. Lift the lid, take out the old filter element, discard it. We remove dirt and dust from the inner surface of the body with a rag.

Install a new filter. We close the cover of the case, tighten the nut, fix the latches.

Mounting the zero-resistance filter with your own hands

The process of installing the "zero" is also quite simple and can be done independently. This requires a set of keys and a Phillips screwdriver.

Installing the air filter VAZ 2110

Under the hood we find the body of the air filter VAZ-2110. Disconnect the ground terminal on the battery. Disconnect the MFD connector. Using a screwdriver, loosen the clamp screw and remove the corrugation going to the engine.

The key for 10 (better end), unscrew the nuts, securing the DMRV to the filter body. Dismantle the filter housing and remove it.

Using a screwdriver, turn out the fixing screwwire mass to the cylinder head. Under this screw, install the bracket mounting the air flow sensor, which comes complete with a filter. We mount the sensor to the bracket with a bolt of 10. The connection must be sufficiently rigid, otherwise the DMRV will fail due to vibration.

To the back of the sensor, attach the corrugation and fix it, clamping the clamp. On the front of the DMRW, we put on the filter and press its sleeve with a clamp. We connect a socket of the gauge, we connect a plug.

Air Filter VAZ 2110 dimensions

Some useful tips

  1. Change the air filter on time, because of its condition depends on the stability of the engine, and fuel consumption.
  2. Inspect the filter element for its condition at least twice a month.
  3. In cars with a carburetor enginePay attention to the cleanliness of the filter housing. If it has an oil or whitish emulsion, it means it's time to clean the breather or change the oil-removal rings. The filter in this case must be replaced.
  4. Do not buy cheap filter elementsof doubtful origin. It is better to contact a specialized store where you will not only be picked up by a suitable model, but also consulted on how to properly install it.
  5. It is not necessary to install "zero" simply. If you are not a racer and not a street racing, limit yourself to simple models of filter elements.
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