Centurion Bitrix - sports motobike

The article is devoted to the motorcycle Centurion Bitrix,which has won its popularity by now. A good option for relatively little money. Consider the main technical characteristics, as well as the pros and cons of this model in operation.

centurion bitrix

Centurion Bitrix is ​​a motorcycle, productionwhich is concentrated in China. It is presented in several colors: red, orange, black, white. Plastic parts are made in a sporty style, thanks to them it has an attractive design. The motorcycle weighs 150 kilograms, in the "dry" form - 113. It is easy to manage, and even a beginner can handle it.

Centurion Bitrix: specifications

There are the following features:

  • the motorcycle is air-cooled;
  • Centurion Bitrix is ​​equipped with a four-stroke engine;
  • the starter is represented by two types: electric and kickstarter;
  • it is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox;
  • dimensions: 1930х570х850 mm;
  • The fuel tank holds 15 liters;
  • Motorcycle Centurion Bitrix develops speed up to 120 km / h;
  • the maximum load-carrying capacity is 263 kg;
  • equipped with 18-inch wheels;
  • brakes - front (two discs) and rear (one); the motorcycle has smooth braking;
  • Centurion Bitrix is ​​equipped with two silencers;
  • engine power - 13 liters. from.

motorcycle centurion bitrix

As an additional equipment Centurion Bitrix can distinguish:

  • alarm;
  • alloy wheels;
  • two reinforced rear shock absorbers;
  • a small glove box under the seat;
  • two side steps: center and side.

Centurion Bitrix dashboard

A special place for developers is given to it. It is equipped with:

  • the indicator of the included pedal;
  • a mechanical speedometer, a tachometer, an odometer;
  • indicators of battery charge, fuel level, included long-distance or low beam, turn.

centurion bitrix

Centurion Bitrix is ​​a great option for beginners. Like any technique, it has pros and cons.

Negative moments

These include:

  • rigid suspension;
  • The presence of vibration at a speed of more than 80 km / h;
  • very short transmission;
  • no temperature sensor on the dashboard.

The advantages of a motorcycle

Advantages of this vehicle model:

  • smooth start and braking of the motorcycle;
  • stable engine operation;
  • oil and brake fluid does not leak anywhere;
  • the buttons of the Centurion Bitrix dashboard are tactfully pleasing and located in the right places;
  • on the asphalt the motorcycle keeps well, excellent following the set trajectory;
  • attractive and original design has Centurion Bitrix;
  • The ease of purchasing spare parts for a motorcycle of this model.

centurion bitrix

In the article the technical characteristicsmotorcycle, its positive and negative sides when used. As a result, it can be noted that Centurion Bitrix is ​​perfect for driving around the city. On the road, its use is difficult, because because of the stiff suspension all the hummocks are felt, and it becomes uncomfortable, which is also caused by planting. It is far from sporty, as a result of which the wind blows off the motorcycle, and the back and arms become tired. A small fuel consumption, about 3 l / 100 km, will allow to travel long distances with small financial costs. A good indicator dashboard will allow you to easily navigate. Motorcycle Centurion Bitrix is ​​characterized by good controllability. This is an excellent option for both beginners and professionals.

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