Motorcycle "Irbis Virago 110": specifications and reviews

If you want to buy yourself a motorcycle for the first time anddo not understand a lot of different models that are suitable for beginners, then in this case it is worth paying attention to the high-quality and modern model - IRBIS Virago 110. This compact motorcycle is the most popular offer of the domestic market. This bike features a light weight and good handling. It is ideal for beginners who want to try themselves as a motorcyclist and do not plan to purchase an expensive model. Motorcycle "Irbis Virago 110" needs mandatory registration of traffic police. After all, the volume of his engine exceeds the norms of small-displacement vehicles. In addition, for its management it is necessary to have a driver's license of category "A".

irbis virago 110

For several years of its history the motorcycle "Irbis"Virago 110 "has gained immense popularity among customers, thanks to which, first of all, this model has enough power for such a small motorcycle engine - a volume of 110 cubic cm. The intelligent design of this power unit ensures reliable operation and long operation of its elements. , 5 liters per 100 km of track, the volume of the fuel tank is 8 liters.The engine can be started from the electric starter or from the kick starter.The mechanical four-speed gearbox is convenient to use.

Manageability and equipment

The large wheels of this motorcycle allow himit is easy to overcome various obstacles. The original alloy wheels not only create an attractive appearance, but also due to their small weight contribute to better handling when driving at high speed. The model "Irbis Virago 110" is equipped with chrome arcs that serve as a protection for a motorcyclist from getting injured in a fall. The front suspension of the bike is a fork with an oil bath, and the rear is adjustable. On the wheels of this motorcycle, reliable disc brakes are installed, capable of reducing speed on any surface. IRBIS Virago is well suited for both driving in urban areas and for traveling along a country road.

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Comparison and reviews

Light weight, powerful engine and goodergonomics provide excellent handling of the motorcycle "Irbis Virago 110". Reviews about this model claim that it is ideal for learning the basics of bike handling. At the same time, this motorcycle will not trail in the tail of the road, because it accelerates to a speed of 100 km / h in less than a third of a minute.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of this bike, identified from the feedback of various users.

Advantages of the IRBIS Virago:

  • economical fuel consumption;
  • powerful engine;
  • effective work of brakes;
  • good handling;
  • high acceleration speed;
  • easy-to-use gearbox;
  • nice lighting on the dashboard;
  • chrome design in the style of motorcycles of the 90s;
  • The passenger frame is fixed not on the pendulum and does not take on the impacts of the wheels;
  • the fasteners of the turn signals are made of an elastic material, in case of a fall they just bend to the side;
  • bright headlights;
  • low cost.

Irbis virago 110 reviews
Disadvantages of Virago 110:

  • over time, the rear shock absorbers begin to creak;
  • fragile security arcs;
  • The tires are not particularly resistant to friction on the roadway, with intensive driving around the city endure 1-2 seasons;
  • at a high speed, you can observe a slight vibration of the motorcycle.


Motorcycle "Irbis Virago 110" is the mostA suitable option for novice bikers. At the same time, it has a rather powerful engine, which in combination with the light weight of two-wheeled transport provides it with a high acceleration speed. Also for beginners, the great manageability of this model will be a huge advantage.

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