Swedish cars: brands, specifications

Cars of Sweden remained in the shadow of the world racefor leadership. Unlike German and Japanese, they are not so famous. When mentioning Swedish cars, many raise their eyebrows in surprise: they have not heard, we do not know. In fact, the northern neighbor of Germany in quality and safety of cars is not inferior to such giants of the industry as Mercedes or BMW.

Swedish cars (brands): list

From the very beginning, the headache of designers inSweden had bad roads and severe weather conditions. Therefore, all the cars underwent rigorous tests before entering the domestic market. Guided primarily by the requirements of safety and comfort, the Swedes were able to build cars with an ideal ratio of price and quality.

Swedish brand cars

The production of cars here is suitable withless pedantic than in Japan. A variety of models allows you to keep a high bar. Sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and trucks - in the lines of Swedish manufacturers there is a vehicle for every taste. Presented Swedish cars on the world market. The machines are popular not only in Europe, but also in other countries. What are the famous and not so great brands in the Swedish automotive business?

  • Volvo.
  • Saab.
  • Koenigsegg.
  • Scania.

History of the development of the automotive industry in Sweden

Cars in Sweden tried to produce withbeginning of the 20th century. But the Swedes were always unlucky: then the crisis covered the country, then the competitors took the whole market to their hands. It all ended with the fact that in the second half of the 20th century the automotive industry in the northern country almost completely disappeared. But Askar Gabrielson and Gustaf Larson managed to develop a car whose reliability could be compared with the world's auto manufacturers. And technical characteristics helped to overcome bad roads and did not depend on weather conditions. And in 1926 the first model of the Volvo brand was produced. The universal car accelerated to 90 km / h - very serious for those times figures. The volumetric 2-liter engine counted 28 horsepower. It was a pure breakthrough for two beginners. Now the company Volvo is the world famous car market leader.

swedish cars

Another well-known company Saab came into the worldcars in an even more unusual way. Its main activity was the production of military aircraft and fighters. In 1937, the leaders decided to try to realize the potential of the company in the new industry. So "Saab" began to produce cars. Now the cars of this brand are better known in Sweden than in the rest of the world, but they are not inferior in quality to more famous competitors.

The brand of sports cars Koenigsegg wasnamed in honor of its founder - the designer Christian von Koenigsberg. He created the first model of the car in 1993. Now the company successfully competes with world leaders in this segment: Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Swedish brand cars

Swedish car Volvo

The secret of the success of Volvo wasrelease of inexpensive cars and competent advertising. The ideal quality-price ratio was highly valued in the post-war world. Most of the details for the Swedish automotive concern were produced in the same country as the cars themselves. This greatly reduced the cost of production.

In addition to quality and low prices, Volvo alwaysfollowed the advanced technologies. For example, in the 90s, a new type of ignition with a microprocessor was introduced into the newest models, which saved fuel and was much easier to maintain. One of the first "Volvo" thought about the comfort and exterior style. A special streamline shape, a variety of models (from sports to family cars), and most importantly - safety - that's what attracted customers to the Volvo. Swedish cars since 1970 have been protected from a side impact and a child's airbag.

the Swedish car in Sweden

Now Volvo produces various series of cars:

  • S - sedans;
  • V - universal cars for family use;
  • XC - crossovers;
  • C - auto in the body of the coupe.

Scania cars

The brand "Scania" is known primarily for itstrucks. Coming from the sphere of railway construction, the company entered into good sales only fifty years after its foundation. And in the 80s, Scania became one of the world leaders in the sale of trucks.

The range of cars is represented by trucks for both ordinary and particularly severe weather conditions. There are more than 25 different options: from small to large "tractors".

Swedish cars brands list

The company is considered the leader in securitydriver's seat. The cabins "Scania" are recognized as one of the safest in the world. Streamlined shape, power up to 420 liters. With., Economic use of fuel - all this has attracted buyers for many years.

Saab Cars

The popularity of the brand "Saab" won thanks toexcellent cars that combine the latest technology, convenience and safety. The founder Gunar Lungstrom in 1946 released the first model, equipped with a two-piston engine. In the line of cars of the 80-ies began to produce both family and sports cars. The circle of buyers has significantly expanded. The body with remarkable streamline not just became a visiting card of the company Saab. Such attention to the aerodynamic properties of the car came from the aircraft industry, with which the founders of the brand started their activities.

Now the comfort of each series, the unusual design and attention to the buyer contribute to high sales around the world.

Swedish cars, although less well known thanmore highly advertised representatives of other manufacturing companies, nevertheless deserve attention and admiration. Their fidelity to quality and safety makes them a benchmark for modern automakers. And minimalist design and non-standard solutions ensure high demand.

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