Carburetor "Solex" - how it is installed and how it is regulated?

A modern carburetor is accurateand a complex mechanism that doses the right amount of fuel, mixing it with air and supplying it to the combustion chamber. The design of the carburetor "Solex" is complicated by the fact that this device consists of many complex functional units and elements that are also intertwined with electronics. This is why many motorists call this mechanism the most capricious of the entire DAAZ family. But is it possible to install and properly adjust the Solex 21083 carburetor without the help of specialists? It turns out, it is possible.

carburetor Solex

Mounting the device into the system

Before starting work, it should be noted that the carburetor"Solex" - the device is complex, so to install it you will need to buy an additional set of components. Among several methods of installation, motorists note a method without EEPH (an economizer of forced idling). As practice shows, installing the device in this way entails an increased consumption of gasoline (by about 6-10 percent). However, by donating fuel, we make the Solex carburetor more reliable. Strangely enough, but the economizer of compulsory idling is a frequent source of breakages in the operation of this mechanism. In order not to waste time and nerves on its repair, turn off this device.

In order for the electric valve not to blockthe supply of gasoline to the combustion chamber in the absence of a block, drivers cut off his plastic needle or completely pull it out of the housing. However, experts argue that it will be more humane to connect this device to the electrical system. In this case, the valve completely covers the idling channel with the ignition on.

carburetor Solex 21083

How to adjust Solex carburetor?

In general, the adjustment of this element is possibleonly when referring to professionals, but motorists have found a way to self-adjust the mechanism in garage conditions. Below, we will give you an instruction to improve the dynamics of the car, stabilize fuel consumption and reduce the level of toxicity of exhaust gases.

The first thing we need to do is take out ofvacuum drive damper spring. Then we change the nominal diffuser I of the chamber to the one that stands in the second (with the marking 4.5). It is also possible to convert the throttle, changing its drive from vacuum to mechanical. Some people experiment with jets to increase dynamics. Just note that this method of debugging is very dangerous for the car, and it is not necessary to do it at all. By increasing the jets, we can lose the entire Solex carburetor, so in order to avoid trouble follow only the first three ways of adjusting.

Carburetor Solex device

If everything is done correctly, the output can beto get a brand-new, economical car with a lively dynamics and adequate power. All the stages you do with your own hands, without resorting to expensive service centers, which will save your money considerably.

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