"Ford Fiesta" (sedan): specifications, photos, owner reviews

"Ford Fiesta" - a sedan that is excellentchoice for a person who needs a car to travel around the city and in close travel. The car is really solid, comfortable and attractive. He appeared in Russia last year, in the summer. What is it attractive to potential buyers? It is worth to tell about it.

Ford Fiesta sedan

Arrival of the model

Why did the Ford Fiesta (sedan) join the segmentClass B cars? Well, the answer is simple. The fact is that the demand for cars of class C (there was once the leader of the "Ford Focus") began to fall recently. This is not about the countries of Europe, but about the Russian Federation. Therefore, it was decided to please our compatriots with a novelty. Although the Ford Fiesta (sedan) has long been sold in European countries, but in Russia this compact car has become a novelty, but will it succeed and become popular when the segment has long been established on the leadership positions of Reno-Logan "" Kia-Rio "and" Hyundai-Solaris "? Well, these cars, and really, budget and attractive, but" Ford "- it's still American production. And this fact alone is a significant plus. What about the other benefits? It's worth telling more about this.


"Ford Fiesta" - a sedan with an interesting appearance. In fact, this same hatchback of this model, that's only with a modified rear end. The style of the car is original - corporate, you can say. There is something similar to both "Mondeo" and "Focus". The front part is decorated with a trapezoidal radiator grille and an unusual form of optics. The headlights seem to be extended forward, and the bumpers are decorated in a sportlike manner aggressively. Thanks to these details, the exterior looks very expressive. If you look at the model from the side, you can understand how well it has a suitable path for our Russian roads. Especially if we consider the back part.

In general, externally, the "Ford Fiesta" - a sedan that can satisfy the taste of a lover of classic cars. No pretentiousness and excesses - everything is simple, cute, but with a certain "zest".

Ford Fiesta sedan reviews


What about the car "Ford Fiesta"? Sedan, the photo of which is provided below, differs not only in a very attractive exterior, but also with a comfortable interior. He looks a lot like the Ford-Ecosport saloon. And this is not a surprising fact. Both cars are built on the same platform. Yes, even in Russia, one and the other is going to Naberezhnye Chelny.

In the eyes rushes torpedo, the upper part of whichvery soft. The interior is generally ergonomic and nicely decorated. The steering wheel is comfortable, perfectly fits in the hand, it can be adjusted both on the fly and on the angle. The original look is a stylish tachometer with a speedometer. The indicators from them are read perfectly. Other data that appear on the instrument panel are smaller, but still they can be easily read.

But the most attention is drawn to the centralconsole. It has a rather unusual shape. And it is there that all the main control buttons are located, as well as various switches. Armchairs, by the way, are also maximally comfortable. They can also be adjusted in height. One thing: despite the fact that the "Fiesta" base is rather short, inside enough space - in any case, for the front passenger and the driver it will be enough with a vengeance.

Ford Fiesta sedan photo

Ford Fiesta (sedan): specifications

This is another important topic. Technically, the novelty of the "Ford" is unlikely to impress Russian customers with any improvements. Front mounted independent suspension from the "McPherson", and from the rear - a collapsible and semi-independent beam. It is interesting that for our Russian customers, it was decided to install reinforced dampers. Another plus to all increased ground clearance. The ground clearance was more than a half centimeter. That's just about the protection of the engine forgotten. As for this "Ford Fiesta" (sedan), the feedback was not entirely approving: car owners say that the result of this hindsight is a thick layer of dirt that forms under the hood after a trip through mud and puddles. found in the course of test drives. Not for nothing because after EuroNCAP this car got its full "five stars".

 Ford Fiesta sedan specifications

Engines and gearbox

What else can you tell us about the model "Ford Fiesta"(sedan)? The characteristics do not differ in anything unusual. Potential buyers are offered cars with a gasoline-powered, 1.6-liter engine. There are several modifications. The weakest - 85 horsepower, the most powerful - on 120 "horses." The so-called "golden mean" in this case is a 105-horsepower motor.

Front-wheel drive car is completed5-band manual gearbox or a 6-speed "automatic", which is equipped with a double clutch, known as Powershift. How do the motors fit into the new American sedan? 85-horsepower engine is equipped with only 5-band "mechanics", the unit for 120 "horses" equipped with only a 6-speed "automatic". And that "golden mean" can exist in both variants. To date, all engines are delivered to Russia from the British Ford plant, which is very important. Although in the near future I promise to launch the production of units in the Russian Federation.

Ford Fiesta sedan specifications

Important nuances

So, what kind of topic can be touched upon, tellingabout a car like the "Ford Fiesta" (sedan)? The owners' comments on its operation, of course.So, first of all, many people note the fact that this car has a rather large luggage compartment - 455 liters.The fuel tank is designed for 45 liters.

And here is the next moment - the expense. What about him? Here you can tell in detail. So, the 1.6-liter 85-horsepower engine. Its maximum is 171 kilometers per hour. Up to the first hundred, it accelerates in 12.8 seconds. In the city, the gasoline consumption is 8.4 liters per 100 km. If the mixed cycle, then the indicator decreases to 5.9 liters. On the highway and altogether 4.5 liters per 100 km.

105-strong engine produces a maximum of 182 km / h, and acceleration to a hundred is 11.4 seconds (if the automatic transmission is, then increases to 11.9). The flow is the same as in the previous case.

The 120-horsepower engine is similar. Only the maximum speed is 188 km / h, and acceleration to a hundred takes 10.7 seconds.


"Ford Fiesta" - sedan, reviews of which peopleleave mostly positive. And in all the polls it is said about an extremely affordable price. And indeed, the basic equipment costs only 525 thousand rubles. However, in this version there is no air conditioning and various options, but there is an ABS system and two front airbags. Also the machine is equipped with electric windows, adjustable steering wheel and driver's seat. By the way, the rear seat can be folded in the ratio of 60 to 40. There is also audio preparation with two good speakers.

The following equipment, known as FiestaTrend, it costs about 600 thousand rubles. But this is with "mechanics". 105-strong engine, 6-speed "automatic" - and the price automatically becomes more by 45 thousand rubles. However, in this configuration there is already an air-conditioner with on-board computer, MP3 and CD-players, a radio receiver with remote control, a 2-line display, various inputs and ports, plus six good speakers.

Ford Fiesta sedan owner reviews

More "luxurious" complete sets

The third modification is known as Fiesta Trend Plus. And it costs about 690 thousand rubles. This model boasts rear electric windows, heated front seats, electric front window heating, fog lights, alarm system and central armrest.

But the top version will cost customers 750thousand rubles. The model with automatic transmission - in 773 000 rubles. This car has 15 inch alloy wheels, light and rain sensors, comfortable leather steering wheel, climate control, ESC, lift assistance, a wide TFT color screen, multimedia system, ports, entrances, airbags and much more. In general - the most expensive version. And many argue that if you buy - it's better than it.

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