Front suspension VAZ-2107: replacement, repair, tuning, scheme and price

Immediately need to say that the front suspensionVAZ-2107 two-link type, as on most rear-wheel drive vehicles. From time to time, it is necessary to check the technical condition of all suspension components, as this affects the normal handling of the car, as well as the comfort of the driver and passengers. Unfortunately, the quality of many components leaves much to be desired, so any element can unexpectedly fail. All the work to check and replace the suspension elements can easily be done on their own. However, for diagnostics, for example, it is best if there is an observation pit in the garage or overpass.

Suspension status diagnostics

front suspension of vases 2107

And now about how to make a technical inspectioncar, more precisely its suspension, for the detection of malfunctions. First of all, look carefully at the tires. Their wear should be uniform. If the rubber began to wear out on one side more, and on the other - less, then the collapse-convergence of the wheels is clearly broken. In addition, the uneven wear of the tires indicates that there is a breakdown in the steering rods. Then you do not need to repair the front suspension VAZ-2107, and replace the steering.

Then you need to check the clearance in each of thebearings of the front wheel hubs. You need to do this on a car, mounted on a flat surface. It is necessary to take up the wheel, or rather the upper part of it, then sharply pull it toward you. If the play in the bearings is very large, then you will hear characteristic knocking. Please note that in the front hub of the VAZ-2107 there are tapered bearings. They must have a very small backlash. If the bearing adjustment did not help, you will need to replace it.

Check of shock-absorbers

repair front suspension vases 2107

If the front shock absorbers are out of order, theirmust be replaced. In the presence of oil stains or deformations on the body, you need to install new ones. Note that a broken shock absorber can not extinguish all vibrations of the body of the car while driving. Thus the front suspension VAZ-2107 will work incorrectly. Before starting repairs, you need to carefully check the shock absorbers to fully verify their malfunction. To check how well the front shock absorbers work, carefully, trying not to damage the wing, press on the front of the car.

If the shock absorbers are completely serviceable, the bodyimmediately returns to its original state. In the event that the body continues to jump on the springs, it can be concluded that there is a malfunction of the shock absorbers. It does not matter if one or both of the shock absorbers are broken, they need to be replaced only in pairs. It is worth noting that it is necessary to install new ones in the event that there is a leakage of oil from the shock absorber cartridge. In this case, only repairing the front suspension VAZ-2107 will help.

Removal of shock absorbers

Front Suspension Arm VAZ 2107

First open the hood, turn away the nut,with which the rod is attached to the body of the car. After unscrewing the nut, remove the washer and rubber gasket. Note that the shock absorber rod must be held with the key on 6. But you can also use a special device. After that, turn away the two nuts with which the levers are fastened. The shock absorber is pulled down. Full replacement of the front suspension VAZ-2107 is not required.

Note that on a flat surface it is noteven if the rod is fully recessed. It is necessary to slightly raise the entire side of the car, which is being repaired. But it is most convenient, of course, to do all the work on the lift or observation pit. After removing the shock absorber, it is necessary to unscrew the nut, which is fastened to the bracket. This bracket is installed on the new shock absorber.

Installing a new shock absorber

replacement front suspension of vases 2107

Next, proceed to install a new elementsuspension. In fact, all the work is done in the reverse order. First, the bottom cushion made of rubber is put on the rod. Then the shock absorber body is placed in its place through a special hole in the lower arm. The rod must be fully extended and held in the bore of the body. That's so easy to repair the front suspension VAZ-2107. The price of one shock absorber is 900 rubles on average.

After this, you need to install a rubber cushion andwasher. You make a nut. At the bottom, tighten the bracket nuts to the lower arm. Then tighten the nut on the stem until it stops. The installation of the new shock absorber is finished, similarly the repair is done on the other side of the car.

How do I replace the upper arm?

front suspension VAZ 2107 price

It is necessary to change the upper arm of the front suspensionVAZ-2107 only in one case: if it has mechanical damages. It should also be removed if the silentblocks are replaced. For the work you will need to 13 and 22, as well as a puller to work with silentblocks. First, remove the wheel, and then unscrew the bolt that secures the car bumper bracket. The upper ball joint must be disconnected from the lever.

Все три гайки, которыми произведено крепление casing of the support to the lever, it is necessary to unscrew it with a key on 13. Lift up the upper lever, and then turn all nuts on the bolt with the key. With their help, the lever is attached directly to the body of the car. The second, with exactly the same key, is to hold the bolt on the other side, so that it does not rotate.

With a convenient knockout, remove the bolt and remove it.lever, which consists of the front suspension VAZ-2107. To remove the silent blocks, it is necessary to clamp the entire lever in the vice and install the puller. Slowly turn the bolt, thereby pressing out the rubber mount. A second silicone block is likewise dismantled. After this, you can repair the suspension lever.

Setting the lever

tuning front suspension vases 2107

Using a puller, silent blocks are installedon their seats. Note that when installing the upper lever, which is done in the reverse order, it is best to use a new self-locking nut. Also, do not tighten the nut when the wheel is hung. First, it is necessary to replace the bolt that secures the bumper, then load the suspension.

If you need tuning the front suspension VAZ-2107,then it is best to put reinforced levers. For example, from the "Niva". Then install under the lower lever spacer and lower the car on the jack. Next, you need to put in place the ball joint and only then tighten the nut. In the event that you removed the ball joint completely, pressing out the finger from the hub, you also need to replace the nut on it.

Preparing to remove the lower lever

As in the case of the upper arm, the lower one changesthen, when there are damage to it. Completely remove during the replacement of rubber mounts it does not need. Please note that the transverse link has been attached to it. This is how the scheme of the front suspension VAZ-2107 looks. To make repairs, you need to have heads on 22 and 19, as well as a spring puller. First, remove the wheel and remove the spring together with the shock absorber. The lower ball is detached from the wheel hub and completely removed. After this, using a key on 22, it is necessary to unscrew both nuts with which the lever is fastened to the body of the car.

Removing the lever

front suspension scheme for vases 2107

Using a key on 19, unscrew the nuts,Mounting the transverse link to the suspension arm. Only after this it is necessary to move the shaft with the help of the mounting blade and completely remove the lever. Note that under the axle on which the suspension arm is mounted, there are special washers. With their help, the camber is regulated. Installation of the new lower lever is done in the reverse order. Always install new nuts. With a puller in the new lever, press the silentblocks. That's all, the front suspension VAZ-2107 is restored, now it will serve for a long time.

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