Honda CB 600 - an updated version of the budget option

Honda CB 600 is a motorcycle that can safely claim the title of the most stylish roadman of this manufacturer.

Honda CB-600

The way to create

This was expected a long time ago. In the media even in the fall there were rumors that the concern was preparing a replacement for the old kind Hornet. At the same time, a series of so-called spy shots was made. But, apparently, either the designers did not grow up, or for some other reason it happened, but the fact remains: not just the renewed double Honda CB 600 Hornet was released, the concern presented to motorists a completely new motobike. And it could be understood. After all, starting in 1997, the motorcycle was produced almost unchanged. And this made me think about how imperishable the classics are. Due to its excellent driving characteristics, excellent reliability, reasonable price and unpretentiousness, this model has for many years been considered the best selling in the gamut of this company.

Demand for the Honda CB 600 has only slightly decreasedin the year 2000. Then many other manufacturers began to produce another neoclassic - with a little big bells and whistles and the best components of the engine and the chassis. Then in 2005, Honda decided to create an updated Hornet, but this feint failed. The motorcycle did not reach the next level of representatives of that class. And so the designers abandoned the budget approach, which used to be used as a basis, and developed the motobike, as they say, "from scratch."


honda cb 600 hornet

What can you say about this motorcycle? Heaven and earth - this is if we compare the new generation with the old one. Earlier there was just a working motorbike. The Honda CB 600 technical specifications fully satisfied the needs of a motorcyclist, simply wishing to travel around the city with moderate speed and comfort. But the new model is a straight fighter with modern energetic forms. Everything has changed. Round headlights were replaced by aerodynamic influx of finishing of the head optics. This all perfectly combined with the lateral fractures inherent in the gas tank, laced back and supposedly "muscular" powerful seat. Impressive shape and acquired the lower part. Due to the black color the motor looks like a real "liter". And the aluminum ridge gives stiffness. It's a completely different machine, an order of magnitude higher and better than its predecessor.

Technical data

honda cb 600 specifications

It can be said with absolute certainty thatthe Honda CB 600 was significantly transformed. Reviews, in fact, show an extremely positive attitude to this bike. And, it is worth noting, there is for that. Take, for example, sportsbike engine CBR600RR. This unit is deformed to 102 liters. with., and this is an excellent indicator, when compared with other manufacturers. Even the Suzuki GSR600, together with the Yamaha FZ-6, is just a pale background, compared to the Honda CB 600. In this motorcycle, the power characteristic is smoothed out as much as possible, and the "horses" are smoother. And, naturally, manufacturers could not but improve the economy. Due to the new motor, the motorcycle wins not only in power, but also in weight - minus 5 kilograms! It should be noted that at the same time the power unit is much more compact, which contributed to the weighting and ergonomics. It is impossible not to note the aluminum subframes, as well as the spinal frame, which replaced the budgetary suspension and steel duplex frame.

Down with the budget option

It was previously said that the predecessor of the newmodel was such a "workhorse." But in the design of this bike, designers did not follow the principles of budget. The only thing left from him is the relatively simple suspension. And so all the rest - the potential, technical characteristics and appearance - it provokes a fast and extreme ride. So, creating this bike, Honda again lit the star, which became for many motorists guiding. A new model appeared on the market, which became a serious competitor for many other bikes.

Yamaha or Honda?

honda cb 600 reviews

This is a question that interests many people. It should be noted that these are eternal competitors. And often compare two models of these companies: Honda CB 600F Hornet with Yamaha FZS6 Fazer. One of them is naked, and the other has a semi-fairing. These are the two most popular models of universal motorcycles, featuring excellent power, which is enough to accelerate to a decent speed in a few seconds. Motors of these bikes have sporting roots, even though they are somewhat thinned out. "Honda" - neoclassic, "Yamaha" - modern.

It should be noted that on the road these bikesshow themselves differently. For example, the behavior of the motor. Honda immediately shows that the bike is ready to conquer the roads. The motor makes a bassy and sonorous roar, which stirs up the blood. Yamaha is a little calmer. And if the technical characteristics of the bikes are still similar to each other, then the character they have is completely different. Honda - a somewhat judicious, philosophical, calm, and Yamaha - aggressive, hooligan. In general, the one who loves a quiet, carefree ride, chooses, as a rule, the second option, and the fan of speed and power is the first. In general, the solution here depends on preferences.

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