How to put the ignition on a 4T scooter? Principle of operation, causes of failure and adjustment

How to put the ignition on a 4T scooter? Problems with the ignition of a 4-stroke engine may appear for various reasons, but they all lead to the same result - the motor ceases to start. But the lack of a timely spark may not be the only reason that the engine does not start. In order to make sure that the ignition is the cause of the motor failure, it is necessary to check all other possible malfunctions that may interfere with the engine operation and eliminate them. In the ignition system there may be breakdowns, the causes of which can arise from both the mechanics and the elec- tric side. With simple tricks, you can determine whether the matter lies in a mechanical fault, or whether the electrical component is to blame. At home, you can eliminate any damage in the ignition system of a 4-stroke scooter engine.

The reasons for the failure of the 4-stroke scooter engine

 how to set the ignition on a 4T scooter

If the scooter engine does not start, the reasons can be very different:
1. There is no supply of fuel to the combustion chamber.
2. The air supply is not adjusted.
3. There is no compression. Burned and deformed valves do not provide compression. The reason for the lack of compression may be improper assembly of the cylinder-piston group, as well as the failure of the cylinder itself.
4. Defective valve mechanism responsible for the operation of the valves.
5. The spark plug is defective.
6. The ignition spark is not generated during the mechanical operation of the generator.

The principle of the ignition on the engine 4-stroke scooter

4g scooter adjustment

Ignition on a scooter 4t depends on synchronismthe movement of the camshaft located in the cylinder head, and magneto. On the outside of the rotor housing there is a protrusion that contacts when rotating with the ignition sensor. At the moment of contact, a spark appears on the candle. The rotor is connected to the crankshaft. At the moment of occurrence of a spark коленвал and the piston are in an extreme position of a dead point. How to put the ignition on a 4T scooter? It is necessary that during the passage of the dead point the position of the gas distribution shaft corresponds to the moment of ignition of the fuel in the combustion chamber.

Starting the ignition adjustment

Before you put the ignition on the 4T scooter,you need to make sure that there is a spark and the spark plug is good. To do this, you need to unscrew the last one, connect it to the ignition cable and press the metal housing against the frame. When rotating the rotor, there should be a noticeable spark, the presence of which indicates the functioning of the generator, as well as the candle itself.

Ignition adjustment of the scooter 4t

 ignition on scooter 4t

To rotate the rotor of the generator andthe camshaft corresponded to the required cycle of the piston, it is necessary to set their position on the marks. On the magneto body there is a marker for the position of the cylinder's dead point in the form of the letter "T". The rotor can be set manually, it can also be done with a kick starter. The position of the gas distribution shaft is determined by the marks on the timing star. Three points on the star from the outside form an equilateral triangle, the top of which must be directed to the extreme position from the piston. The adjustment of the ignition consists in setting the correct position of the timing star.

Ignition advance

How to set the ignition on a 4T scooterahead of time? There is an opinion that if you do this, then the speed and power of the motor will increase. In theory, so it is. If the spark at the moment of compression will appear a little before the moment the cylinder passes a dead point, this should give the desired effect. But the technical realization of this setting of the ignition on the scooter is connected with the transfer of its protrusion on the rotor body of the generator. There is a method that is more simple and safe, giving a certain effect. You can make a step on the ignition. To do this, remove the 0.5 mm layer from the half of the surface of the protrusion. The step must start from the side that first contacts the ignition sensor. The double spark that results from this will provide a more predictable engine start-up, and will also increase the likelihood of ignition when exposed to unfavorable factors associated with weather conditions and improper adjustment of fuel and air supply.

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