VAZ 2110. Reviews of the car

One of the most popular cars on the territorypost-Soviet space - VAZ 2110. Reviews about this car are mostly good. It, of course, can not be compared with representative cars or business class cars, but they have a completely different price. Therefore, one must look at things soberly and evaluate the quality in accordance with the value that the manufacturer has established.

VAZ 2110 reviews

"Ten" combines reliability and the sametime is cheap in service. The front drive is the best solution for our roads, especially in winter. Reviews of the VAZ 2110 many motorists only confirm this. If you follow the car, carefully ride, pour quality gasoline, change the oil and filters in time, then it may not require attention and investment for a long time.

Of course, comfort is not at the highest level in the VAZ 2110. Responses of owners about it testify. But then again, I repeat, you need to soberly evaluate the car with such a cost. Although without it you can identify some of the advantages. For example, at a speed of about one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour, it keeps the road well, is manageable and fulfills various irregularities. To the merits can be attributed and fuel consumption, it is also pleasantly happy.

reviews about vase 2110

Thinking about what to choose - a used foreign caror the new VAZ 2110? Reviews speak in favor of the second option. Buying a car with mileage, you, in fact, take a "cat in a poke." You can not be sure one hundred percent that the car was carefully handled and properly operated. As a rule, cars are sold when they begin to drip heavily. This applies to VAZ 2110. Reviews on the forums once again confirm this, because the previous owners write, like the one that sold the car, because everything began to break down.

When you buy a new car you get a guaranteefactory, which will save you from solving such issues as: "Where to find service centers?", "How much will this service cost?". Also, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of colors, different combinations and types of engines.

VAZ 2110 owner reviews

If you have a small amount of money, whichon a solid car is not enough, it is better to buy a new car VAZ 2110. The owners' reviews convey admiration from the fact that a person sits in the salon of his new car, which is still in cellophane. For our "killed" roads this is the best option. After all, if you do not want to, and the suspension will break, its elements will have to be changed from time to time. Compared with imported cars, the prices for parts of this model are simply ridiculous. By the way, many owners of foreign cars are trying to remake some of their car designs in order to be able to deliver spare parts from VAZ 2110. This indicates an unqualified high quality for such a low price.

If you are still in doubt, check the prices forvarious complete sets of this car, and also esteem responses about it on thematic forums. The bulk of the owners are satisfied. If you do not like some nuances, drivers carry out tuning of certain elements, thereby bringing your desired car to the desired state. So the advantages are obvious, the choice is yours.

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