Basic Disturbances of Diesel Engines and Their Elimination

Diesel engines operate in highworking pressure, several times higher than what happens in gasoline analogues. That is why high accuracy of the mixture composition, as well as the moment of injection and spraying quality are of great importance for their trouble-free operation. Even an uncomplicated repair of a modern diesel engine at first glance requires the use of diagnostic equipment, after which bench tests are mandatory. Otherwise, there is a high probability that poor-quality repairs will lead to more serious breakdowns.

Specialists engaged in repair of diesel engines, it is said that most often malfunctionsarise in fuel delivery systems and its injection into combustion chambers. Therefore, the main engines require adjustment or repair of the fuel equipment. Any diesel-car service should be equipped with a stand for its diagnostics and adjustment. Also in the workshop there should be a diesel compressor and a smoke meter. After carrying out the diagnostics, during which any deviations from the norm are detected in the engine operation, the operation of the pumps and injectors is tested, the performance indicators of the fuel injection pump and the rhythm of the fuel supply are taken into account.

As prevention of breakdowns specialistsrecommend performing a number of simple regulations. First, it is not recommended to work long hours in high-speed modes. Secondly, it is necessary to withstand the intervals of warming up and cooling recommended by the engine manufacturers. Third, do not replace the coolant with water. And, finally, if possible, use only high-quality fuel. Filling in the fuel tank of poor quality, you can get a serious problem - on the injectors and fuel system elements will appear persistent chemical deposits.

The first sign that you are Repair of Common rail nozzles or delphi, will be the fact that the car is abruptlywill increase fuel consumption. Also, you should pay attention to the engine power, if it decreased - this is the second "bell", another point - the instability of the engine in idle. Noticing one of these signs, do not wait for a breakdown, and immediately go to the diesel-car service.

Chemical deposits from injectors in car-care centersare now removed in three ways: by washing with the use of a cleaning additive, by pouring a washing mixture into the tank, followed by a run through the fuel system, and ultrasonic cleaning.

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