"Ford Fiesta": reviews of owners about the fifth generation of small-displacement hatchbacks

For today, small citycars of the Fiesta family are known to almost every car enthusiast for their reliability and attractive design. More than 10 years ago (in 2002), the American company presented its new fifth generation subcompact at one of the Frankfurt motor shows. This, perhaps, is the most successful project of the company for the whole history of the production of this model, after all, the machine was serialized until 2008. What explains this popularity for the 5th generation of hatchbacks "Ford Fiesta"? Feedback from owners will help us to answer this question.

Ford Fiesta owner reviews


Initially, the novelty was produced with severalbody variations. It was a hatchback with 3 or 5 doors. But in any case, both cars had an excellent appearance. The characteristic contours of a streamlined body and a large windscreen made the hatchback unique, unique. In the front part the novelty has found stylish headlights of the basic light of triangular form and a massive bumper, on top of which there is a mesh falshradiatorny grating. Behind the car was equipped with unusual stop lights, which were located vertically along the entire perimeter of the rear door.

"Ford Fiesta": feedback from owners about the interior

Thanks to the fact that hatchbacks of the 5th generationslightly increased in size, the interior became much more spacious. Now, with the same comfort, there are passengers in the front and rear seats. By the way, the chairs themselves were completely replaced and refined, so it was much nicer to be in the new "Fiesta". The control buttons have received a backlight, and the center console has become more ergonomic in use.

Ford Fiesta 2013 price

Technical characteristics of the new hatchback "Ford Fiesta"

Reviews of owners noted a wide varietyengines, among which you could choose a 70-horsepower gasoline engine with a capacity of only 1299 "cubes". The average engine had a volume of 1400 cubic centimeters, and its power was about 80 horsepower. The most advanced unit, which was installed only in expensive equipment, had a capacity of 100 "horses", and its volume was 1600 cubic meters. see Also, a diesel engine with a capacity of 1300 "cubes" and a capacity of 68 "horses" was available to buyers.

Dynamic characteristics of Ford Fiesta

The feedback from owners says that, despitesuch low-capacity units, with the dynamic characteristics of the novelty is all right. "The Hundred" car was typing in 10.6 seconds, and the "maximal" was 185 kilometers per hour (with a top engine). Although the characteristics of the Ford Fiesta with the weakest engine were much more modest: 15.8 seconds acceleration and 160 km / h max. (But it consumed no more than 6 liters of gasoline in a mixed mode).

characteristics of a Ford Fiesta

5-generation hatchback "Ford Fiesta" (2013): price

As of 2013, the cost of a hatchbackAmerican production in Russia varies between 200 and 430 thousand rubles. Explaining the significant difference in price, we note that the cost of the hatchback "Ford Fiesta" mainly depends on mileage, year of production and technical condition.

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