Diesel engine fuel system operation

Diesel engine fuel systemsupply of gasoline to the cylinders is ensured. It is the main component of the diesel car design. Consider the principle of its operation and common malfunctions.

The scheme consists of high and lowpressure. A section with low pressure prepares and transfers fuel to a system with high pressure. Which is necessary to finally transfer the fuel into the combustion chamber of the engine. The low-pressure section consists of cisterns, pumps, separator, filter, heater and fuel drive.

Fuel passes through all the details in front ofhit the highest stage of the diesel engine. The next stage is a smaller series of details. The most important element of the high-pressure section is the fuel pump, which consists of injectors, and the pump itself is connected to the fuel line.

There are several reasons that lead to malfunctions in the fuel system. One of them is not a quality one diesel fuel, buy qualitatively becomes more difficult. But the most basic of them is the wear and tear of certain knots. The first thing to consider is the axis of the regulator lever, worn out faster than others. After a while, the elasticity that the rubber sealing ring, located at the low pressure stage, can diminish. In the course of active use of the vehicle, various foreign accumulations take place, therefore, it is necessary to periodically clean up the carbon deposits and dirt so that the system parts can work long and reliably.
The main causes leading to problems withsystem of the engine, consist in improper operation or unqualified service of the motor. Regardless of the car, all drivers must carry out maintenance every 7,5 thousand km. Maintenance includes the replacement of oil, checking the operability of parts and some other actions. Due to the washing of the diesel fuel system, various malfunctions can be eliminated.

One of the most common problems, negativelyaffecting the diesel fuel system, is the burnout of the piston. To prevent this problem, flushing the fuel equipment every two years.

If your system becomes faulty, follow thesome actions to correct this situation. First, pump the fuel system. If there have not been any changes, deal with this problem in more detail. Check how all the contacting elements, wires, terminals, injectors work.

If the problem is serious enough,better contact the car wash. The driver, without experience in working with the engine of the machine, is unlikely to be able to eliminate this malfunction on his own. In addition, if you could not find out the exact cause of the malfunction, you need to conduct a professional diagnosis of the fuel system in one of the car-care centers.

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