German car brands - quality and reliability in the car industry of Germany

German car brands usepopularity all over the world. Practically in each country there is an official company of this or that manufacturer, offering to purchase to potential buyers of the machine of the highest quality.

German car brands


List of German car brands is prettyIt is impressive and has several dozen different names. Germany is not a very big country, but the production of cars in this state is excellent. And first of all, when talking about German car brands, it should be noted the attention of Mercedes-Benz. The cars produced by this manufacturer are considered an indicator of excellent taste, as well as the embodiment of reliability and high quality. Practically any car "Mercedes" is a premium car. Even those models that are offered at very modest prices are considered an excellent choice. Take, for example, the E-200. This is one of the most democratic options of this brand. Excellent fuel economy, has quite a powerful engine for cars of this category, and to sit behind the wheel of such a car is a complete pleasure. Strictly speaking, if you choose the most obvious advantages of Mercedes-Benz cars, it will be controllability and comfort. This German manufacturer really surpasses many others.

Prestige and authority

It is these two synonymous words that come to mind,if a person hears the name Maybach or Porsche. These concerns are engaged in the production of truly exclusive luxury cars. Maybach produces its cars exclusively on order and limited quantities. Porsche, whose history began in 1948 in the city of Stuttgart (where the "Mercedes" and "Maybach" was born), is engaged in the manufacture of prestigious sports cars that can not be confused with any other cars. Whether it's 911 Carrera 4 GTS, Porsche Panamera 4 or Macan Turbo - a characteristic "look" of rounded headlights and a clever design give out a famous manufacturer.

list of German car brands

Volkswagen AG

This is the largest German manufacturercars. The Concern is one of the largest in the world - it consists of 324 companies that produce "iron horses", and also provide services related to machinery. This group of companies owns many well-known German car brands. Volkswagen AG is a concern that produces cars produced under different logos. Its divisions include the notorious Volkswagen, Audi, which also includes NSU Motorenwerke, Seat, Škoda (the company was acquired in 1991), Scania AB (became a part of the concern in 2009), MAN AG (joined the manufacturer in 2011, m). Interestingly, the concern owns such famous brands as Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini. This "troika" produces the most expensive, powerful and representative cars all over the world. Brand Bugatti concern acquired in 1998, at the same time Volkswagen AG bought and Lamborghini with Bentley. This is how the list of German brands of cars belonging to a major manufacturer, whose headquarters is based in Wolfsburg, looks like.

German car manufacturer

The famous "Bavarian"

It is, of course, about such a celebrity asBMW, whose concern is located in the capital of the land of Bavaria - in the city of Munich. Everybody knows this eternal argument - which car manufacturer is better, Mercedes-Benz or BMW? These disputes are quite weighty, because these German car brands offer equally high-quality models. And disputes arise because of small differences. So, for example, some can not decide what to choose - a notable and respectable Mercedes E-class or a discreet and elegant 5th BMW. In any case, no matter what car a person chooses, if it belongs to a German manufacturer, then this is the right choice. In Germany, produce the most reliable machines, a direct proof of that - the owners' reviews and an incredibly high percentage of sales around the world.

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