Pickup Toyota Hilux - SUV with a 40-year history

For the first time, the pickup Toyota Hilux was born infar back in 1968. Since then, the car has undergone many changes, relating not only to design, but also technical characteristics. But still one thing remains unchanged: this car is still famous for its reliability and excellent indicators of patency. It was for these qualities that many motorists loved him. For today the seventh generation of this off-road car which is the worthy continuer of a sort of cars «Toyota Hilux» is already issued. In the framework of our review, we will consider what changes were made in the 7th generation of this legendary jeep.

«Toyota Hylux» pick-up - photo and overview of the exterior

Outside, the car has the characteristic features of a pickup truck. In the front part you can see classical rectangular headlights, short overhangs and an unusual design of the radiator grill, which smoothly passes into the bonnet's relief. Almost 30-centimeter ground clearance remained unchanged, due to what the novelty looks really "on-off-road".

pickup toyota highlock


The salon of the new SUV has practical andunpretentious forms of details of furnish. Despite the fact that the pickup Toyota Hilux belongs to the class of luxury jeeps, its front torpedo and panel board are lined with hard, hard plastic, multiple slits are visible along the entire perimeter of the cabin, and during the movement the driver feels even some creaking.

toyota highall pick-up truck
But, despite these disadvantages, it is worth notinggood noise isolation cabin - even at high engine speeds inside the driver does not feel a sharp roar and the hum of the engine. As for free space, it is quite enough to comfortably accommodate 5 people in the cabin. And the place will remain for extra baggage. And in the cargo compartment, the pickup can carry a load of up to 850 kilograms, and the space allows you to transport a whole europallet without problems. By the way, in more expensive trim levels, the buyer can order leather upholstery, a heated seat, a navigation display and a lot of other electronics.


On the Russian market a new pickup Toyota Hiluxwill be supplied in two engine variants, both of which will run on diesel fuel. The first unit has a capacity of 144 horsepower and a working volume of 2.5 liters. It is equipped with a single transmission - a five-step "mechanics". The second engine with a working volume of 3.0 liters will have a power of 170 horsepower. It works together with an automatic transmission at 5 speeds. In terms of fuel consumption is to say that the novelty is quite economical, because with its curb weight of 2 tons, it consumes only 8.3-9 liters per 100 kilometers in a mixed cycle.

toyota highlight pickup photo


The minimum cost for a new pickup ToyotaHilux "of the seventh generation is 985 thousand rubles. The most expensive representative, equipped with a 3-liter diesel engine, will cost about one and a half million. As for cars on the secondary market, the Toyota Hilux pickup with a range of 100-150 thousand kilometers will cost about 500-650 thousand rubles.

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