Tank A-44: Merkava of the 1941 model

The past twentieth century was marked by rapid developmenttechnology, including military. Over the creation of new samples worked and enthusiastic loners, and entire teams of designers. Some developments are far ahead of their time. That's about one of these unique machines and this article will tell.

A 44

History of creation

The design of the new tank A-44 began to be developed inDesign Bureau at the Kharkov locomotive plant under the leadership of Alexander Morozov in the first quarter of 1941. According to the conspiracy theory of one of our compatriots now living in the UK, the "A" index in the car's name means "Autobahn", however it is not so. In the pre-war Kharkov, there were three design bureaus working for the defense industry. For the projects developed by these design bureaus, three indices were identified: "A", "B" and "B". The Design Bureau of the Barrikady plant, which designed artillery guns, was assigned the letter "B", and the KB of the Kharkov Tractor Plant, which was responsible for diesel engines, was the "B" index. Therefore, until now most of the tank diesels carry this letter in their name. The leading designer of the A-44 was A. Behr, who in May 1941 presented a draft model of the tank. Work on this machine was planned to continue in the second half of the year, and by early 1942 to produce a prototype for testing. However, the outbreak of war and the subsequent evacuation crossed out these plans.

Device and construction

The layout of the tank A-44, with the engine in front,formed after Morozov's analysis of the result of the bombardment of an experienced T-34 tank from anti-tank artillery from various sides. The most safe for the crew was the penetration of armor from the rear view. Even after the destruction of the transmission and ignition of the engine crew could leave the car, not injured. Also, turning the car "back to front" allowed to save a rather long barrel of F-42 or ZiS-4 guns, which it was planned to install on the sample, from grazing the ground when overcoming obstacles and performing maneuvers on rough terrain. The combat compartment, respectively, was located at the rear of the machine. The ammunition capacity of the tank was, depending on the design and type of gun, up to 100 armor-piercing, sub-caliber and high-explosive shells. In this compartment were three crew members: the commander, the gunner and the loader.

and 44 st
To monitor the terrain and conduct firingPeriscopic and telescopic sights were used. In the front of the body (on the left) there was a control room. It housed a radio operator and a driver-mechanic. The power plant consisted of a diesel engine V-6 and was in the middle of the machine. The armor is homogeneous, antishnap with a tower and a body made of rolled sheets made by welding. For its time, the design of the car was truly revolutionary, for example, the first serial tank of this layout was adopted for service only in 1979. It was the Israeli Merkava (chariot).

Revival of a forgotten project

In connection with the tragic events in the early 40'syears of the last century, work on the revolutionary project was closed, and almost no one, except historians of the national tank building, remembered it for 70 years. Second life A-44 gained thanks to the company "Vargeiming", which in August 2010 presented the game "World of tanks", dedicated to armored combat vehicles of the mid-twentieth century. In 2013, in one of the branches of development of Soviet armored vehicles was our hero. According to the accepted classification, the A-44-ST (medium tank), although as a result of numerous improvements to the project, the increase in the caliber of the gun and the reservation, the mass was exceeded, and it went into the category of heavy tanks. Next, we will review the modules and equipment for a comfortable game on the A-44. Hyde for this tank will also be useful for beginning gamers.

but 44 hydra

A-44: Overview

After opening and buying the A-44 in the first placeit is necessary to retrain the crew. The application of camouflage on the tank will not be superfluous, as it will reduce the visibility of the technique, which in combination with a low silhouette will significantly help in virtual battles and increase survival. The top gun will provide a good penetration and causing a tangible damage to the enemy. The investigated tower will increase the viewing range and the speed of rotation. Will not be superfluous and an additional 15 millimeters of circular armor. The top-of-the-range walkie-talkies and the engine will be taken from the previous tank, so they can be purchased immediately. We will investigate and buy the transmission in the first place, which will make it possible to install additional equipment without serious consequences. Based on the characteristics of the ZiS-6 cannon, we need a strong reduction and a gunsigner. Improved ventilation will not be superfluous either.

Tactics of application

And now we will conduct a guide on the tactics of applying A-44in Game. The design features of the tank both make it difficult to play under certain conditions, and open up certain new opportunities. This is the first ST in the game, characterized by the rear location of the tower, which will allow you to play quite successfully with the "reverse diamond" on maps with urban buildings and single buildings. Powerful front projection reservation will help in playing at medium and long distances. Roll out and do a shot is not desirable, as it will have to open a large part of the hull, which is fraught with a quick death in combat. The ability to turn the tower by 360 degrees allows you to fight backwards, but do not forget that from this perspective - the weakest booking of the hull.

but 44 hydra
As a result, it can be noted that this unit is a good medium tank, which has good speed, dynamics and powerful tools. Therefore - forward, successful rash and reliable dafov!

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