Self-replacement of hydraulic compensators

Very often motorists facea situation where replacement of hydraulic compensators is necessary. The price for this work in different workshops is quite high, so it makes sense to do it yourself. By this you will save your money, and better than yourself, no one will.

replacement of hydraulic compensators

So, let's start in order. The replacement of hydraulic compensators implies the availability of the following tools: a speculum for the valves of the classic VAZ line, as well as a standard candle key. I recommend picking this key out of the trash, as it will have to be cut. This is necessary in order that your raschetachivatel could not slip from it.

For all cars, a replacement is the samehydraulic compensators. Priora or some other car - the principle is the same everywhere. When you have prepared all this, proceed to unscrew the valve cover. After that, you must remove the upper casing from the belt of the gas mechanism, and then unscrew the sprocket. Then slowly move it from the bottom of the camshaft. Now thread a small piece of wire through it and firmly tie it. This is necessary so that your belt does not move relative to this star itself.

replacement of pre-expansion joints

The star itself you shoot with thewas the possibility of turning the camshaft and cams. Take care that the tooth does not jump over in any way. Further turn a little a camshaft so that its convex part has risen on top. Before the hydraulic compensators are replaced, plug some drain drainage holes in the area around the fourth cylinder. Since they have a maximum diameter, the valve washer easily falls through them. In the end, you need to release them.

Now screw the bolt to the place where beforea valve cover was attached. In this way, we can anchor the rattacker. Next, insert the candle key directly opposite the bolt that was twisted. It should stand on the edge of the spring washer of your valve.

replacement of hydraulic compensators price

Take a piece of thick wire and make fromher hook. You will also need round-nosed pliers, tweezers and (just in case) a magnet. After that, click on the speculum, fixed on one side with a bolt. You will press on the key, and it will affect the valve washer.

At the moment when you click on the arbiterwith all possible force, a free hand, it is necessary to stir the rocker in such a way as if you raise the part sitting on the hydraulic compensator. Your task is to slip the hook under its lower part and pull it out. Replacing the hydraulic compensators will be difficult in the case of the extreme ones, since there is a bit of free space there. You can pull out two or one at a time.

Collect all of this in the reverse order. Click on the rattler and insert the rocker. If it entered you unevenly, but at the same time got on the compensator, everything is fine. Release the rattler and tilt it with a screwdriver.

As you can see, replacing the expansion joints is not anything complicated, but it's better if you do this with an assistant.

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