Honda CBR 125 R - a strong and stylish little thing

Honda CBR 125 R - a worthy continuer of the linemotorcycles class 125 CC from the grants of the world motor industry. This motorcycle surprisingly harmoniously combines a lot of useful qualities. For some it may not seem fast enough, but with its tasks Honda CBR 125 R cope with a bang. Conceptually, this motorcycle is aimed at the first stages of a rider's career. Single-cylinder 125-cc engine gives good dynamics, without kinks, and gasoline spares. A successful layout adds ease to management. In general, the Honda CBR 125 R allows the young rider to develop his driving skills in the most effective and safe way.

honda cbr 125

Indeed - a thin and long motorcycle is perfectly felt by the pilot. Reliability adds large rear tires - 130 sections. Suspension is soft, but in the city it's very good.

Despite the fact that the Honda CBR 125 R isbudget option, to design development came in the most serious way. The motorcycle looks solid and aggressive. Some features of other popular models are guessed. Optics repeats recognizable lines of sports tourism VFR 1200 F. And in the side panels of the bodyguard is guessed Fireblade. Swift lines of the body as if hinting to you: "Small, yes remote." In general, restyling was successful. In addition, comparing the Honda CBR 125 R with Chinese motorcycles, which also position themselves as budget options, you understand that the "Japanese" is very functional and leaves all competitors far behind. The ergonomics of control systems are worked out to the last detail. Everything is in sight, nothing is confused and does not interfere. The instrument panel is a laconic - analog tachometer (peak value of 13 000 revolutions), a digital display showing temperature, speed and several other, not particularly important parameters.

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The heart of the Honda CBR 125 R is a single cylindertwo-valve four-stroke engine. Liquid cooling together with a modern fuel injection system PGM FI allows you to squeeze out a lot of extra power from it. Front brake hydraulic, with piston caliper, rear - drum type. The muffler and catalyst have been slightly modified to ensure that the motorcycle complies with the new European standards of noise emissions and toxicity. This processing has two sides - good and bad. Bad: 125 as if lost the "voice" - a quiet, fuzzy sound with a metallic echo, most likely, will upset fans loudly declaring their presence. Well, the good side of this processing is that now the voice of the Honda CBR 125 R does not tire with a long ride.

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Despite the fact that the motorcycle is assembled inThailand, the quality of performance from this does not suffer at all. Perhaps this is due to the fact that, giving their offspring to other people's hands, the company Honda has made a competent decision - to attach to the Thai specialists a team whose only task was to protect the glory of the legendary reliability of the company's motorcycles. Of course, such a step made a little more expensive parts (which should not be forgotten, especially if the drive was decided), but it was worth it.

honda cbr 125

Budget orientation of the motorcycle has had a nice impact on the cost of Honda CBR 125. Its price fluctuates around three and a half thousand dollars. Not bad for the "Japanese".

Given all the advantages of this motorcycle, you can safely say: a good unit this Honda CBR 125! Buy or at least look at it worth it.

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