How is the carburetor VAZ 2105?

The carburettor VAZ 2105 is an aggregate designed for the preparation of a combustible mixture, different in the ratio of gasoline and air, depending on the operating conditions of the engine and its feeding into the cylinders of the latter.

It consists of the following functional parts:

carburetor VAZ 2105

  • fuel and air channels with jets;
  • float with needle shut-off valve;
  • sprayers;
  • a float chamber;
  • diffusers;
  • air and throttle valves;
  • mixing chamber.

Device functions

Carburetor VAZ 2105 (as well as any othercar) regulates the flow of air and fuel. As a result of this, the combustion chamber is no longer gasoline, but a fuel-air mixture enriched with oxygen. Due to this, the fuel lights up and moves the pistons. Accordingly, the energy from the engine is transferred to the wheels of the VAZ 2105.

Carburettor and its operation principle

The air flow is regulated by the throttle position. Each time you press the accelerator, the amount of air gradually increases, and when you release

carburetor VAZ 2105 adjustment
decreases. This is one of the features that the carburetor VAZ 2105. The air adjustment is automatic. The flow of fuel itself is regulated by special needles. They have a pointed tip that enters the hole in the path of the fuel flow. The mixture flows around them and through the socket enters the carburetor VAZ 2105, and then into the motor. If the needle is screwed, it blocks most of the hole and reduces the flow of the finished mixture. Well, if it is twisted, the nest expands, and the flow of fuel becomes larger.

It is unambiguous that the most important part of the mechanismfeeding the finished mixture into the combustion chamber is a Venturi tube. It is special in that its dimensions decrease from the edge to the cent, and then increase again. While the engine is running through the carburetor VAZ 2105 and the Venturi tube, a small air flow passes. As the air moves to the center, where the diameter is minimal, a low pressure is created. As soon as the diameter of the venturi starts to increase again, the pressure is equalized.

Through this hole, the fuel-air mixtureis fed into the intake manifold and then enters the combustion chamber. When the engine is running, the pressure in the collector decreases (below atmospheric pressure), and this, in turn, leads to a decrease in pressure in the part itself. Naturally, since the pressure level is higher, air from the side of the mechanism will flow into it through the intake manifold and bypass channels into the combustion chamber. Passing through the carburetor, it will capture petrol from the fuel chamber and mix with it, thereby creating a ready-mixed fuel mixture.

VAZ 2105 carburetor
In order to maintain the level of gasolineconstant carburetor VAZ 2105 has a special float chamber. This is a small cavity filled with fuel. It performs the function of maintaining the level of gasoline. As soon as this value begins to fall, the float drops down, opening the valve. Through it, fuel enters and fills the float chamber. When the level of the mixture reaches the norm, the float rises and closes the valve, thereby stopping the gasoline access to the chamber. In general, the principle is very simple.

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