Engine cushion malfunction: signs of breakage

Comfort in the car does notonly from properly made quality noise and vibration isolation. Even in the presence of such discomfort still can arise. Motorists often face motor vibrations. They can occur due to malfunctions in the engine operation or as a result of breakdowns of the motor fixing parts. Especially often the owners of cars from AvtoVAZ complain about these problems, where sixteen-valve power units are installed. Car owners are faced with a strange knock in the engine compartment. He's fickle. It can appear, then disappear during acceleration or when driving on an uneven road. The fault is the engine cushion. Signs of this phenomenon - vibration. But that is not all.

Typical causes of engine noise

If in the process of driving a car became clearlythere is a characteristic knock from under the hood, more precisely, from under the bottom of the motor or in the area of ​​the transmission, if in the process of switching from 2nd to 4th gear, the noise and vibration increase, this may be due to disturbances in the operation of the suspension or with the engine running. Depending on the condition of the road surface, these sounds can build up.

Engine Pillow

A cushion is called a gasket between the engine andbody elements. On Soviet-made cars, this product looked very simple. This is a strong rubber insert with places for fasteners. The modern support of the power unit can be in various designs. Allocate hydraulic cushions, rubber parts. Often, the engine and gearbox on vehicles with front-wheel drive are secured with four or five such supports. So, two of them are under the gearbox, and the rest are under the engine. The rubber mount can look different.

engine cushion malfunction
Often it is a cylinder made of steel or aluminum, inside of which is a rubber sealant block. Also there is a so-called lamp from aluminum alloys with an insert from rubber.

Standard arrangement of pillows

The right support is located on top and is attached to the side member of the car body. The front is fixed most often on the beam of the engine, you can see it from the bottom.

engine cushions
The back pillow can be found fixed to the bottomor on the front sub-frame of the body. As for the rear support, then on certain engines it may not be at all. The support for the gearbox is common. It is mounted closer to the rear of the motor.

Typical malfunctions

If the car is operated for a long timein conditions of severe loads or temperature changes, all this is not the best way to affect the state of the engine supports. Over time, rubber loses its elasticity. In addition, the pillow can become exfoliated or cracked, or even completely destroyed. But it is worth considering that the life of these parts is quite large - more than 100 000 km. High loads of the support are exposed at the moment of starting the car and during braking. If the car owner likes to drive fast enough, with sharp jerks at the start, then the pylons do not serve their intended time. Also, among the typical faults, there is a breakage in the metal aluminum bracket. This often happens when a collision is made to distinguish an obstacle. If there are oil leaks in the engine, it will necessarily fall on the rubber part of the support. This grease can fray the silencer block, and the support will fail. Also, not the best way on the rubber part of the pillow is affected by the cooling liquid. Breakdowns in the system must be immediately eliminated.

engine cushion signs of malfunction ford focus 2
Do not overheat the engine. In addition to the cracked cylinder head, the antifreeze from the expansion tank will fall on the rubber parts. This is not the best way to affect their resource. It is important to remember that it is not only unpleasant to operate cars with broken supports, but in some cases it is unsafe.

How to determine that the support of the unit has failed

Often novice drivers do not know how todiagnose engine cushion. The signs of such breakdown are often confused with something else. The first signal about the breakdown of the support - it's unpleasant sounds like clicks or knocking in the front of the car at the beginning of the movement or when braking. Another sign is revealed when driving on uneven roads. Such driving is necessarily accompanied by characteristic impacts in the front part of the car. Also about the failure of the pillow can say and suddenly appeared vibration. Sometimes when driving on bad roads, you can give a gearbox to the lever. This all indicates that there is a malfunction of the engine cushion. These signs must be taken into account and then diagnosed. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine the breakdown of a support. Usually motorists write off the vibrations that the motor is not warm enough and often they just do not pay proper attention to them. A characteristic sign that will tell about the failure of the part is squeak.

Methods of diagnosis

So, the owner believes that the engine cushion has failed. Symptoms of the malfunction were confirmed.

signs of malfunction of left engine cushion Mazda demio
Next, check the condition of the supports. In order to verify the integrity of these parts, you will need a jack and any supports - tree stumps, pallets, tires. Will approach anything. It is also desirable to prepare a mount or a thick stick. Let's look at how to determine the malfunction of the engine cushion. To do this, it is recommended to set the car on the flatest possible surface. Then the machine needs to be lifted by means of a jack, then under the engine it is necessary to establish the prepared support. It could be a log or something. The jack should be removed.

Visual inspection

Check the condition of the supportspower unit, you can visually. To do this, the owner must lie under the car and inspect the supports. On examination, it is possible to identify hardened rubber, cracks and gusts, delamination is in fact a detachment of metal from rubber.

Check backlash

This option is used, if presenta malfunction of a pillow of the engine, signs all are, but here visually something to find out it was not possible. It is necessary to check the presence of backlashes on attaching the engine mounts to the body.

how to determine engine cushion malfunction
For a thorough examination, experts recommendWith the help of a stick or mount, shake the cushion from side to side. If you can find a large play in the places where the engine support is attached to the body, then you can perform self-repair. But you can also go to the SRT and fix the problem there.

Signs of failure of engine support "Lada Priora"

Automobiles VAZ almost nothing constructivelydiffer from cars of any other manufacturers. The same applies to the arrangement and arrangement of parts such as engine cushions. Signs of malfunction ("Priora" including) can be detected by the characteristic vibrations of the motor. This manifests itself at idle and higher revs. The engine will twitch unnaturally.

engine cushion symptoms of malfunction
This is a signal to the owner about the need for verificationsupports or their replacement. The second sign is twitching the steering wheel. The steering wheel oscillations depend on the frequency of the power unit. Another about the failed pillows can say the gearbox. When driving, the gears will be knocked out.


Vibration on the body of a car on idlerevolutions and in the course of the movement indicate that the engine cushions are out of order or damaged. Symptoms of a malfunction (Ford Focus 2, among others) may be different. On cars "Ford Focus" uses two supports. Right - hydraulic, left - transmission support. In case of damage, it is recommended that both elements be replaced.

can the vehicle jumping for engine cushions
Naturally, you can replace only the damaged andthe vibrations will pass, but the new support will be subjected to much greater loads and will fail much earlier than its term. As a replacement, it is worth purchasing original parts. Inexpensive analogues serve less than 20 thousand kilometers.

Mazda Demio

Symptoms of the left engine cushion"Mazda Demio" - a knock and vibration. The supports have a serious load. It is worthwhile to carefully monitor the condition of the pillows, a faulty part can damage the motor. In this car there are three pillows: left, right and bottom. The second one is located near the engine oil filler neck. Under the battery is the left support. The lower one is directly opposite the engine joint and automatic transmission. The ways of diagnosing a malfunction in this case are the same as for any other cars - this is a visual inspection and check of backlashes.

how to determine engine cushion malfunction

Engine and automatic engine mountings

Beginning car owners often wonder,why the movement is jerking the automatic transmission. There are many reasons for this. And can the automatic gearbox jump because of a malfunction of the engine cushions? Yes maybe. Sometimes the behavior of the car changes. Therefore, if foreign vibrations, shocks, hum, characteristic noise are noticed, then it is best to check the supports.

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