Oil "Lukoil Genesis": reviews. Features, tests

Quality motor oil is on the marketspecial products for cars many manufacturers. In order not to get lost in this diversity, it is necessary to understand the difference between all consumables. Also, when choosing a tool, the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer are taken into account. Only in this case it is possible to ensure the normal functioning of the system.

One of the popular products is Lukoil Genesis. Reviews technologists and users about the presented series of tools will help to draw conclusions about their composition, quality. What are the main characteristics of this motor oil, will be discussed further.

Features of the series

One of the modern, high-tech tools for car systems is Lukoil Genesis. Reviews On the presented means testify abouthigh quality of this consumable. Company Lukoil Lubricants Int. offers domestic consumers inexpensive motor oil of European quality.

Lukoil Genesis reviews

The Genesis series was developed on the basis of highrequirements of European engineering companies. His formula was developed in the research centers of the company in Finland, Austria, Romania. The composition was tested in field and laboratory conditions. The presented oil was able to receive approvals and approvals for the application of the world's automotive manufacturers.

Many buyers are attracted to oil "Lukoil Genesis" price. In addition to the affordable cost, the presented facility is not inferior to its global counterparts in terms of its performance characteristics. High quality also stimulates demand for the presented product.


The Genesis series includes many varieties of motor oils. This diversity allows each motorist to choose the best option for himself.

The Genesis Advance series costs about 250-300 rubles./ l. It includes synthetic and semi-synthetic oils of various viscosity classes. The Genesis Armotek oil is also produced entirely on a synthetic basis. Its price is about 450-500 rubles per liter.

Lukoil Genesis price

The Lukoil Genesis series is in great demand0W40. & Quot; It's called Polartec. The series can be purchased for 650-750 rubles / liter. Glidetek and Glorytik, which have a viscosity class of 5W30, cost about 450-550 rubles per liter.

Semisynthetic oil series Lukoil Genesis Premium can be purchased at a price of 260 rubles per liter. Each presented composition is distinguished by a basic oil base and a set of additives.

The basis

Presented oils differ primarily in the basic composition of the oil. Today, both synthetic and combined with mineral components of formula Lukoil Genesis. Price will differ in accordance with the qualities and features of the database.

Genesis Armatek Lukoil

Synthetic oils today are the mostmodern, high-tech component. These are artificial substances that have high fluidity and durability. Synthetic is used to produce the most expensive varieties of consumables. Such means are used in highly loaded operating conditions, in engines of a new class.

Semisynthetics has in its composition bothartificial, and mineral oils. This approach reduces the cost of the facility. However, the duration of the operation of the composition is somewhat reduced. Mineral components are less fluid. They are used in engines with mileage. To select the correct composition, please read the instructions of the motor manufacturer.

Features of synthetic products

Synthetic series "Lukoil Genesis" 5W30, 5W40,10W40, etc., differ in certain features. This is the most technological products. Its quality meets the highest requirements of automotive manufacturers, as well as environmental standards.

Lukoil Genesis Characteristics

The composition of synthetic oils are included in the admissiblethe standards for the amount of phosphorus, sulfur, zinc and calcium. Additives prevent the mechanical destruction of moving parts, reducing their friction. They collect contaminants from the surfaces of the system, resist oxidation processes. Due to this action, synthetics can be used for a long time in the engine. It does not need to be changed or refilled frequently.

In the loaded conditions of driving on domesticroads synthetic is able to reliably protect the motor from adverse effects. Standing in traffic, starting the engine in the frost, heat, the driver can not doubt that the mechanism is reliably protected from destruction.

Synthetics test

To make a conclusion about the quality of the composition, independent experts conducted a series of tests and studies. Consider the properties of synthetics by the example of "Lukoil Genesis Armatek ". This compound is allowed to be used in the newest models of passenger car engines.

Lukoil Genesis Test

The oil density at a temperature of 15 ° C is846.8 kg / m³. The kinematic viscosity index was studied at a temperature of 100 ° C. It was 12.8-13.3 mm² / s. The result obtained corresponds to the requirements of international standards.

The composition has a high alkaline value of 10.1 mgKOH / 1d. This indicates the longevity of the remedy. It prevents corrosion. The sulphate ash content, which was revealed during testing, was 1.3% of the mass.

The flash point was set at highlevel. It was 236 ºС. The pour point depends on the viscosity class. Therefore, for certain climate conditions, funds should be purchased with the necessary fluidity. The test "Lukoil Genesis" showed that the characteristics specified by the manufacturer correspond to reality.


Considering characteristics of Lukoil Genesis, It is necessary to pay attention to the semisyntheticgroup of means. It has high performance. But there are certain differences. The composition of semisynthetic includes a different set of additives. This is necessary to compensate for the disadvantages of the foundation.

Lukoil Genesis 0w40

In addition to those for the synthetic seriesadditives, the structure of semisynthetic also includes boron. This element makes it possible to improve the functional properties of the oil. A balanced formula of funds allows them to compete with more expensive, eminent brands.

Semisynthetics is distinguished by high washingindicators. The motor stays clean. Even under stressed operating conditions, the system is protected against wear. Semisynthetic oils can be used in motors with mileage. All-season compositions ensure the reliable functioning of the mechanisms in different climatic conditions.

Semisynthetic composition test

Independent laboratories were testedsemi-synthetic means "Lukoil Genesis" 5W30, 10W40 and other varieties. To understand the features of the compositions presented, you should consider in detail the test of one of the popular products. It can be, for example, "Genesis Advance 5W40".

Lukoil Genesis Premium

Density of the product at a temperature of 15 ºСis 850 kg / m³. The kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C is in the range of 12.7-13.1 mm² / s. This is a good indicator. Properties of the composition meet international requirements. This is one of the new developments of the company "Lukoil".

The alkaline number is also quite high.It is 10.9 mg KOH / 1 g. Sulfated ash content is 1.1% of the mass. The flash point is 228 ° C. The agent solidifies at a temperature of -42 ° C. These are reliable, quality oils that can be used in domestic and foreign systems.

Application area

Lukoil Genesis Armatek and other varieties of motor oils are necessaryapply clearly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Synthetic compounds can not be poured into old-style engines. This can lead to their destruction.

When choosing the optimum type of oil, it is necessaryconsider the conditions of the climatic zone. In accordance with this indicator, an oil with the required viscosity class is purchased. This will ensure a reliable start in the frost, as well as prevent the lubricant from draining from the parts in the heat.

When choosing a tool, it is necessary to consider for whichmotor designs are intended for this or that oil. Most of the presented series are used in gasoline and diesel engines, in systems with turbo-supercharging, atmospheric type. For designs with a diesel particulate filter, the presented series is not suitable.

Genesis oil is recommended by such well-known manufacturers as Audi, Renault, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche.

Negative feedback

Reviews about Lukoil Genesis there are both positive andnegative. The opinion of drivers and experts testifies to the high quality of the product. Negative reviews may be related to the acquisition of a fake or the wrong choice of a lubricant class.

Some drivers say thatconstantly pour oil into the crankcase. This situation is possible if there are faults in the motor system or when pouring synthetics into the old-style engine.

In some cases, drivers note a decreasemotor power. It starts up badly, there is noise and vibration. If the driver filled a fake in the crankcase, this situation is quite possible. Unoriginal composition can cause damage to the car system.

Positive reviews

In most cases, feedback on the oils of Lukoil Genesis is positive. These tools significantly improve the performance of the motor. It works quietly. The car accelerates faster.

The motor remains clean for the entire lifeoperation. On the mechanisms there is no deposit. Noticeably decreases the level of vibration. The fuel consumption and maintenance costs are reduced. This leads to savings in the family budget.

Users note the acceptable cost of funds. At the same time, the quality of oil is not inferior to more expensive analogues. These are high-tech compounds that are suitable for various engine systems.

Having considered the main characteristics of oils Lukoil Genesis, reviews specialists, drivers, it is possible to note the acceptable cost and high quality of the products presented.

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