Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016: specifications and model description

Land Rover Discovery Sport became a long-awaiteda novelty, which was replaced by a somewhat outdated Freelander SUV. And this modern, stylish, spacious car is already very popular. And both at home and in Russia.

land rover discovery sport

Briefly about the model

In the image of Land Rover Discovery Sport successfullythe tendencies of the past and new features are combined. This car looks aggressive in sport. His body is made of extra strong steel with boron and aluminum. Another novelty is very aerodynamic. Its drag coefficient is 0.36, which is an excellent indicator for an SUV. In length, the model reaches 4590 mm, and the wheelbase is 2741 mm. Ground clearance - 21.2, like a real SUV. With such clearance, you can safely ride on Russian roads without worrying about the suspension and the bottom.

Inside the car is very spacious. Land Rover Discovery Sport received a 5-seat salon in which every passenger will feel comfortable. Naturally, looking inside, you can immediately notice the highest level of finish and how practical and ergonomically designed the interior. By the way, if a potential buyer has a desire and additional money, then the salon can additionally be arranged in two more places. And even in this case, the volume of the trunk will not be less, because the third row can be folded into a flat floor. By the way, the volume of this compartment is 829 liters.

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What's under the hood?

In many ways Land Rover Discovery Sport reviewsIt is thanks to its characteristics that it receives a positive character. For Russian buyers, the novelty is offered with three different engines. One of them is petrol, the other two are diesel.

The first engine boasts a volume of 2 liters,presence of a turbo-supercharging and direct fuel injection. Its capacity is 240 "horses". With this engine, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in just 8.2 seconds. And its speed limit is 199 km / h. Such an engine consumes about 100 kilometers of track about 6.7 liters of fuel in a mixed cycle.

Diesel engines have the same volume (by2.2 liters), but with different capacities. TD4 produces 150 "horses", and SD4 - 190 liters. from. With the first engine, the car can accelerate to 180 km / h, and with the second - 188 km / h, respectively. The most "attractive" expense, of course, in the first option. The TD4 consumes only 5.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers in a mixed cycle. And SD4 - 5.6 liter.

Other Features

It should be noted that each motor, installed under the hood of the SUV Land Rover Discovery Sport, is equipped with the system "Start / Stop". Still all engines work in tandem with a 9-speed "automatic".

Front mounted independent suspension from"McPherson", behind - a multi-link construction. By the way, adaptive shock absorbers MagneRide are offered as an option. The front wheels of the SUV are equipped with ventilated brakes, at the back - conventional, disc.

By the way, buyers are offered two types of all-wheel drive. One - permanent, and the second - plug-in. It is available for diesel models with a 5-seater cabin.

And it's worth mentioning one feature. It is really unique and can be considered a "highlight", since this function appeared for the first time on an off-road vehicle. This is the airbag for pedestrians. It "shoots" from under the windshield. And the second feature is the help system, activated when you overcome the ford. When the driver passes this obstacle, the sensors built into the side mirrors are automatically activated. They calculate the depth of water, and the resulting indicators are displayed on the multimedia display.

land rover discovery sport


And, finally, a couple of words about how much it will costnew Land Rover Discovery Sport, photo of which is provided above. For today the price of this car in a new condition makes 3-3.7 million rubles. The cost depends on the equipment and the engine installed under the hood. The most expensive version in Russia is a model with a 240-horsepower gasoline engine.

Interestingly, the cost of this model in Americastarts at $ 40,500. This is about 2 600 000 rubles. However, now you can find used models for sale, the condition they have is almost new, but due to the fact that they already had a new owner, they will cost several hundred thousand rubles cheaper.

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