Continuous automatic transmission or variator: what is it?

What is the BAKP? Stepless automatic transmission, otherwise the variator. This is a transmission that does not have fixed transfer elements, such as a mechanic or an automaton. Features of this type of gearbox are:

- smooth rise and fall of thrust;

- Absence of tripping torque when switching speeds;

- complex transmission of large traction effort.

variator what is it

Features of driving with a variator

Start on the machine with this type of transmissiondiffers from the start on the machine. At idle, the engine has a speed of about 700-900 units. As soon as your foot touches the gas pedal, the car starts to gain momentum, but does not move almost from the spot. And only after the required figure is dialed, the car smoothly starts moving. If we compare the acceleration of the variator and the automaton at the initial stage of the race, then at the initial stage of the race the car with the automatic transmission gets a slight advantage: it starts abruptly, but when the gears are shifted, the machine jerks due to the lack of traction at the moment of loss of grip, and the machine loses precious seconds . Otherwise, the variator behaves. What does it mean? And there is a start as if the accelerator pedal was pressed a little later, but after the car is smoothly and confidently dispersed, and eventually overtakes the "automatic". The engine speed at the beginning of the motion of the variator is always in the zone of maximum torque. The transmission ratio of the transmission changes, and thus the car accelerates. The gasoline injector often behaves rather sluggishly at less than 3,500 units. For such an engine, a good acceleration starts at 4,500 units. At what number of turns will the car accelerate the variator? What does it mean? The variator program determines the moment when it's time "to give traction" to the wheels. Smoothly pressing the gas pedal, the transmission slightly raises the readings on the tachometer, the car accelerates slightly, at low revs. By pressing the accelerator a little sharper, the turns "fall" into the norm, starting to pull, until you squeeze the gas. "Red zone" on the tachometer appears immediately if you decide to press the pedal all the way. The box keeps the high speed until the pressure on the gas pedal stops. It's simple: the faster you want to gain speed, the faster you press the pedal.

variator is

We put in the manual mode variator. What does it mean?

In addition to automatic switching, the CVThas the possibility of manual mode. That is, you yourself can use the handle of the box to switch speeds to higher or lower. On the dashboard this process will be displayed. But the variator is designed so that you will not be able to drive the revolutions in the red zone, and you will not be able to decay at low values. He will still switch gears for you. If we carry out a test drive in manual and automatic variator mode, then the latter wins. With manual switching, the tachometer needle "jumps" from low rpm to high, thus preventing the engine from providing an even pull and improving acceleration.

Advantages of a car with a variator

If your car has a variator, what does it giveduring operation? First, good overclocking results for medium-capacity cars (engine up to 200 horses and no more than 2.0 liters). Economical fuel consumption, especially if

variator reviews
Go on the highway using cruise control. A good indicator of safety in extreme situations: the presence of constant traction helps to avoid drifts, as happens when using a mechanic or machine when changing gears. Well, the most obvious pluses: do not need to switch the speed, press the clutch pedal, etc.

Disadvantages of variator

Without shortcomings, nothing is dispensed with, includingvariable speed drive. Reviews of car owners are different. But one of the main ones is the impossibility of a sharp start. In addition, the variator does not work with an engine of more than 200 horsepower. And for extreme situations, you need to retrain yourself a little: if you are bored and you need to stabilize the car, you need to press the gas a little earlier than you used to do on a mechanic or automatic. If you are a fan of sports maneuvers on the car, then this transmission is definitely not for you. Smooth running, comfortable handling, fuel economy are the main advantages of cars with a variator.

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