VAZ-2106: front suspension, its replacement and repair. Replacement of levers of a forward suspension bracket VAZ-2106

On cars VAZ-2106 front suspensiontwo-lever type. The reason for using such a scheme is the use of a rear drive. Of course, it was possible to establish "MacPherson", which became a classic. In addition, this type of suspension is more reliable and simpler. But of course, there are significant shortcomings, which can offset all the advantages. For example, it is necessary to further strengthen the places of fixing the support bearings.

And in general, if we take into account the fact,that the car VAZ-2106 was designed in the years when high-quality roads were not really, then everything falls into place. When driving off-road and unevenness, "MacPherson" quickly "killed" and becomes unusable. In this case, the double wishbone suspension of our classics wins.

What does the front suspension consist of?

VAZ 2106 front suspension

It starts with the fact that the front suspensionVAZ-2106 is completely independent. It is based on two transverse levers. The front wheels are attached to the hub with bolts. The latter is mounted on bearings. They have a conical shape, pressed into the surface of the inner hub and fixed with a nut. It should be noted that the right wheel uses a nut with a left-hand thread. To distinguish it, it's enough to look at the edges - they have three points on them.

The next element, which consists ofVAZ-2106 front suspension, - it's a rotary fist. It installs the steering tip, which connects to the reducer. With its help, the wheels are rotated. This fist has two attachment points to the suspension - top and bottom. It is made with the help of mobile ball supports, the glasses of which are attached to the levers, and the fingers are pressed into the holes of the pivot. Fastening of the same levers is made with the help of rubber blocks of special form, to the body of the car.

Vehicle Suspension Diagnosis

front suspension VAZ 2106

From time to time you will need to drive the caron the pit or the lift to check the condition of the suspension. A lot depends on it, including your safety. What can I say, on the classic series of VAZ cars to carry out the collapse-convergence is necessary every 10 thousand km. mileage. With the same interval, the condition of the tires is diagnosed. Once every 20 thousand, you need to tighten the nuts on the hub bearings, lubricate the latter. With the same interval, the tightening of all threaded connections should be checked.

When the front suspension of the VAZ-2106 is diagnosed,you will need to inspect the ball supports, silent blocks, rubber cushions of the stabilizer, and also carefully examine if there are any deformations of the suspension elements. Pay special attention to ball bearings. These are the elements on which your safety on the road depends. If the anther on them broke, then to carry out any restoration work is useless - the mud got on the hinge, and now it will gradually destroy it. Therefore, you change everything - ball, anther, nuts and bolts.

How to check silent blocks

The problem of wearing silent blocks for the classics isimpossibility to establish the correct angles of disruption and convergence. The reason is that the rubber part of the assembly is destroyed, the position of the lever becomes wrong, it slopes to the side. Even if there is a slight damage to the rubber part, it is necessary to replace the silent blocks immediately. And it is desirable for everyone - the efficiency will be much higher, from this the front suspension VAZ-2106 levers will normally move relative to the body.

front suspension levers VAZ 2106

Before starting work aimed atdiagnostics of the condition of silent blocks, you need to prepare a car. To do this, install under the rear wheels of the stops, the part to be repaired on the jack and remove the wheel. The ideal option is to perform diagnostics on a pit or lift. The essence of the whole procedure is to measure the displacement of the outer and inner washers. For the first, it should be in the range 3-7.5 mm (lower arm suspension) and 1.5-5 mm (upper arm). For an internal washer - 2,5 mm on all levers of a suspension bracket. It is possible that the radial displacement will be greater if the silentblock is not properly installed in the lever. On VAZ-2106 cars, the front suspension works largely due to the firmly pressed rubber blocks.

How to diagnose the upper ball?

replacement front suspension VAZ 2106

In this case, you can not cope, call onI will help someone. It is necessary to squeeze out the brake pedal. This makes it possible to eliminate the possibility of feeling the backlash of the front wheel bearing. While the assistant holds the brake pedal, you need to rock the front wheel sharply. If there are any backlashes in the ball joint, you will feel it. The wheel will move freely when jogging forward and backward. In this case, there may be a crunch, a squeak, which are heard from the installation site of the upper ball bearing.

How to test the lower ball?

It is much easier to diagnosethe state of the lower ball joint. However, for this purpose you will need to use a caliper. However, if there is none, then any thin metal rod will do. But if you plan to replace the front suspension VAZ-2106, stock up all the necessary tools. If you do not find a steel wire, then take a match. But only a ruler is still needed for measurements. In the lower part of the ball joint there is a very small bolt-plug.

Use a key or a pair of pliers to twist it.Now you insert the caliper in the hole to check what is the distance between the upper edge and the finger of the support. The maximum value of this distance should be 11.8 mm. And if you turned out to be even slightly larger, then the lower ball requires replacement. Of course, if it is already being repaired, it is better to change all the balls in a circle. Whatever one may say, but from this will be a real effect, even the backlash of the steering wheel will decrease.

Diagnosis of shock absorber condition

As for the shock absorbers, there is nothing easier,than to check them. First, all their malfunctions can be felt while driving. If they do not work, then the damping of road irregularities will be catastrophically weak. The task of the shock absorber is to smooth out all the impacts that go on the suspension of the car. When the wheel hits the pit, the lower arm of the front suspension VAZ-2106 moves downward, it is held by pressure in the shock absorber.

the bottom lever of a forward suspension bracket VAZ 2106

Therefore, with a defective shock absorberthe movement of the suspension will be free. Nothing will stop her from moving. Secondly, the presence of oil on the body of the shock absorber should alert you. Even if the slightest squeezed out, where is the guarantee that the remnants will not go away? In addition, the omentum is clearly damaged. Press on the car body, forcing it to cuddle to the ground, then abruptly release. Ideally, the body must make only one movement up, not more!

Replacement of springs and shock absorbers

Even if you have only one shock absorber, eitherthe spring has cracked, it is necessary to change everything on the front side. Do not feel the body and the car as a whole, but at the same time and yourself. Uneven wear of these elements is a guarantee that the machine will become uncontrollable when cornering. To replace the front shock absorber you should use the pit. But you can call for help, and do everything on a level surface, but first you need to dig a small hole. When changing the levers of the front suspension VAZ-2106, such manipulations with removal of the shock absorber is not necessary.

repair of front suspension VAZ 2106

It should be located clearly under the lower lever.Now you need to do a few simple steps - unscrew the stem nut (the mounting is in the engine compartment). After that, unscrew the two nuts that are on the bottom lever. That's all, you can pull the shock absorber down, pushing the stem until it stops. The installation of a new shock absorber must be carried out in the reverse order. As for springs, they must be replaced in the presence of damage or cracks. Also, the comfort and driving of the car deteriorates as a result of the springs sinking. Under the action of the mass of the machine, they decrease in length, which affects the condition of the suspension.

Adjusting the front bearings

This procedure should be carried out as far as possiblemore often - approximately every 10 thousand km. mileage. On the VAZ-2106, the front suspension requires constant monitoring, unfortunately, this is the most vulnerable node. Hang out the wheel, remove the protective cap, then you need to unscrew the nut on the hub. And only after that you need, using the key on the 27, to unscrew or screw the nut. It depends on the direction in which adjustment is required.

replacement of front suspension levers VAZ 2106

Note:The force applied during tightening should be weak. In addition, after tightening, it is necessary to make about a sixth to seventh part of the turnover in the opposite direction. The fact is that the hub has tapered bearings, which are easily destroyed when trying to tighten with force. But they are able to withstand heavy loads due to the fact that the area of ​​contact clips and rollers rather big.


Now you know the composition of the suspension of the "six".And, it is possible that even able to repair it. In fact, there is nothing complicated in it, the main thing is to follow the recommendations given by the car manufacturer. And then repair of the front suspension VAZ-2106 will be carried out not only qualitatively, but also quickly. And often time decides everything.

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