The most expensive motorcycle: Ecosse Spirit ES1

Any motorist knows that some models of cars cost thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. But the fact that a motorcycle can not cost less than everyone knows.

Today the title "The Most Expensive Motorcycle in the World"belongs to the motorcycle Ecosse Spirit ES1, which is estimated at 3, 6 million US dollars. The advanced designers of Formula-1 worked on the creation and development of this model.

the most expensive motorcycle

The most expensive motorcycle in the world equipped with the bestmodern adaptations, which significantly reduced its resistance to air. It develops speeds up to 400 km / h. The indicator, truly admirable! The most expensive motorcycle was equipped with ceramic brakes installed on the front wheel in order to improve the braking system as a whole.

For the first time this modification was released in 2009 in the amount of 10 pieces, which were immediately sold, despite their huge cost.

The product was supplied in two versions: with wheels designed for experienced riders, and a more athletic option. The most expensive motorcycle has a unique electronic control mechanism. Thanks to expensive materials, it weighs only 120 kg. The body of the motorcycle is made so that the legs of the "pilot" are completely "hidden", due to which the speed of the bike is much higher.

the most expensive motorcycle in the world
The list of the most expensive bikes of the worldEcosse Titanium Series Ti XX is required. The bike does not pretend to be the "Most Expensive Motorcycle", but its value is still impressive, amounting to 275,000 dollars. The motorcycle is completely assembled by hand. It weighs 192 kg, while having a power of 200 hp. The engine of this motorcycle was made from a single piece of aluminum, manufactured by Ecosse Moto Works Inc. The company is engaged in the manufacture of exclusive models for customers. As a gift when buying a bike, the buyer will receive an expensive wristwatch.

Motorcycle Dodge Tomahawk also does not pretend to be the "Most Expensive Motorcycle", but for the title of the coolest bike, he is quite capable of asserting his rights.

the most expensive motorcycle in the world

Its creators said that the motorcycle is capable ofaccelerate to an indicator of 640 km / h. It is still unknown whether this is tested in practice. Up to 100 km / h, it can accelerate in 2.5 seconds. Approximate cost of the bike is 550 thousand dollars. The motorcycle has a 10-cylinder engine of eight liters capacity, which capacity is 500 horsepower.

The list of the coolest motorcycles can be attributed toMTT Turbine Superbike, which costs about 200 thousand dollars. In a year only five such bikes are produced, and it is difficult to buy it. The motorcycle has a Rolls Royce engine, with a capacity of 320 horsepower. The bike can reach a speed of 365 km / h. This is the only motorcycle with such an engine that was allowed to ride on roads. The bike weighs 227 kg.

In addition to the latest innovations, great interest is stillis kept to old, unique motorcycles. One such is the Brough Superior SS80, which was released in 1922. At one time his master was the founder of Brough Superior - George Bro. In 2012, the bike was put up for auction with a starting price of 250 thousand pounds. Initially, the motorcycle was created as a racing (and Bro won 51 races on it). Later it was converted into an ordinary bike. Already in the 50s the new owner of the motorcycle was Roger Allen, who returned it to its original form. This man successfully participated in it in the race until 1991.

There are models and cheaper than those described above,but they are still on the list of the most expensive motorcycles. Among such - Macchia Nera Concept Bike worth 200 thousand US dollars. The weight of the bike is 135 kg. It is equipped with a 185 horsepower engine.

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