The best car body repair by own hands

All that is done by human hands, you can restore yourself. This is the motto of most motorists. Can and the engine to sort out, and body repair cars to do.

Unfortunately, even the most careful operationThe car does not guarantee that scratches will not appear on the paintwork of the body. What can we say about the drivers, who do not take care of their cars or other people's cars. Ride with every scratch in the car service for painting - not an option. I have to do body repairs with my own hands.

body repair of cars with own hands
In general, the body repair of special carscomplexities do not deliver. Only relevant tools, time and patience are needed. In some cases, good physical training is also required. Now let's talk about everything in order.

Body repair of cars in the home

First, we determine what damage can occur on the body of the car.
1. Small dents without breaking the paint layer.
2. Small dents on which chipped or "cobweb" of cracks appeared.
3. Large dents in which paintwork is severely damaged.

body repair by own strength
Body repair of cars with their own hands -rather laborious process. When eliminating small dents, it will be enough to exert physical strength. Pressing the base of the palm on the dent on the reverse side, we try to return the metal to its original position. In most cases, this can be done with the first click. Metal straightens with a characteristic click. But damage with chips will require good physical preparation. The fact is that such dents need to be corrected from two sides, and, therefore, the damaged body element will have to be removed from the car in order to have access to it from both sides.

Body repair of cars in the home withThe presence of dents with chips will require the use of tools. You will need a wooden hammer and a piece of rubberized material. The dent is straightened by tapping on the inner surface, pre-coated with a soft rubberized material.

Body repair by own strength dents of average andlarge size should take into account one nuance - knock on the dent you need from the center to the edges. Gradually, spiraling, expanding circles. Otherwise, you can get waves instead of a flat surface. Metal must be restored gradually.

car body repair
When the dents are straightened, body repaircars by their own hands will consist in the elimination of defects in paintwork. This process is quite lengthy in time. If small scratches can be eliminated by polishing, then the chipped paint will have to be closed.

This will require paint in the tone of the body color andcolorless varnish (if the paint is varnish-based, then you can do with one component). Scratch or chipped gently pruned to the primer layer. Do this carefully, so as not to remove the primer. Then the scraped surface is degreased. The first thin layer of paint is applied to the chip. For larger damages, it is better to use a soft brush, for scratches - a normal medical syringe. After the first layer has dried, a second coat is applied. Again we wait, when the paint dries. And then a third coat of paint is applied. After this, the machine should be left for a day to completely dry the paint. Use a hairdryer to speed up the process is not recommended. The painted surface will fade. In the end, either we put a varnish, or we polish a polish.

As can be seen from the foregoing, the bodyworkrepair of cars with their own hands is not an impossible task. If desired, you can paint and paint the scratches on your "iron friend" no worse than in the car service.

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