Motorcycle with sidecar. Features of driving

A motorcycle with a stroller can stall evenan experienced motorcyclist. After all, attached to the unit "makeweight" in the form of a stroller makes the vehicle to drive absolutely differently. The crew becomes three-wheeled, and therefore the following questions arise: "Why does the iron horse lead all the way, constantly tilt to the left or right side? How not to tip over when entering the turn? And what are the basic rules for driving this unit?"

We fasten the stroller

Motorcycle with a stroller "Ural" or "Dnepr" -real happiness for tuj owners. After all, these vehicles are sold already assembled, with the attached stroller. Therefore, with the assembly of the complete set of "motorcycle + cradle" you do not have to mess around.

If your choice fell on a motorcycle with a stroller"Izh", then at purchase you will receive two separately packed parts. This is directly the motorcycle itself and its "appendage" in the form of a cradle. Collect them in one piece the owner will have to own. As a rule, this procedure does not give the lucky owner special pleasure.

In general, manufacturers in addition to thisThe set also offers instructions for assembling and installing the stroller. Therefore, armed with patience and tools, you can easily put the cradle in the right place.

motorcycle with stroller

First trip

If the bike with the sidecar is new, then it must be started for the beginning. Do not forget about the safety rules and when driving this vehicle always always wear a helmet on your head.

At the first run-in,how good is the grip of the iron horse, whether the transmissions are smoothly switching, whether the brake, the sound signal, and also the headlights and dimensions are working. If you can confidently draw a conclusion about the operability of these elements, safely continue on - this motorcycle with a stroller can be used as a vehicle.

a motorcycle with a sidecar

We check the correctness of the installation of the stroller

Let's move on to the most interesting - the basicsdriving a motorcycle with a stroller. To begin with, you should check whether the cradle is properly connected to the vehicle. It is quite easy to do this. You should find an even section of the road without any slopes, as well as road surface defects of at least two hundred meters in length. It is desirable that on the road there were no other participants in the movement.

Verification is as follows: release the damper, turn on the second gear and cross the motorcycle section of the road at a speed of about twenty kilometers per hour, without accelerating or slowing down. With such a ride, a motorcycle with a stroller will independently select the necessary trajectory along which it will move.

Now we can draw conclusions. If the road is really flat, and the wheelchair is installed correctly - the motorcycle will go almost strictly in a straight line. In the case when the motorcycle leads to the right or to the left - the stroller is installed incorrectly. This is due to the fact that attaching the "makeweight" in the form of a cradle shifts the center of gravity of the motorcycle. In order to cope with this problem, it is necessary to adjust the convergence. Typically, information about this can be found in the instructions to the motorcycle. If you can not adjust the convergence yourself, then you will definitely be helped at the service center.

motorcycle with sidecar new

The main difference

Motorcycle with a stroller requires a completely differentmanners of driving in comparison with an iron horse without an attached cradle. This is definitely worth considering, especially if you sit down on the unit with a stroller for the first time.

Driving a single motorcycle, you adjusttrajectory of motion by tilting the vehicle in one direction or another. While the main thing in a motorcycle with a "makeweight" is the steering wheel. Changing the driving style, you can easily manage this vehicle.

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