What cars are assembled in Russia

The enterprises of the Russian car industry, which are nowoperate, it is accepted to divide into categories: "our" and "foreign". The first are usually GAZ, IzhAvto and AVTOVAZ, and the rest are classified in the second category. However, it is completely wrong to consider this, since enterprises producing foreign cars but owned by Russian shareholders operate on the Russian territory. The Russian automotive industry is more correctly considered in the territorial aspect, since at the moment there are several automobile clusters that are quite full. Under the term cluster is understood as a set of objects that form a group on some homogeneous trait. In terms of automobile production in Russia there are three such clusters, and three more are ripening. Now let's see what cars are assembled in Russia?

Historically, the centerthe automotive industry in Russia has always been the Volga region, and therefore the region is working to preserve this industry. So all the same, what brands of cars are collected in Russia? There are quite successfully functioning enterprises, on the capacities of which eight cars are produced: UAZ, GAZ, Lada, Izh, Fiat, KIA, Chevrolet, SanJong. The total number of models will be very difficult to calculate. It is this region that is the main one where trucks and buses are manufactured. In addition to the traditional KamAZ, PAZ, GAZ, and other cars of our state, such brands as Tata, Isuzu, Ford and Fiat are produced here. In addition, it is in this region that the main enterprises that manufacture components for automobiles are located.

What cars are assembled in Russia: the European part

Several recent years Leningrad Regionpraises the competitive advantages of its territory for the organization of auto plants to assemble cars and produce automotive components, offering all sorts of benefits, in this connection, the result exceeded all expectations. The region has already been provided with more than two billion dollars of foreign investment, so they are already going to form a new cluster, which received the pretentious preliminary title "Russian Detroit." So what cars are collected in Russia? In the days of the Soviet Union there was not a single automobile enterprise, and now there are four assembly plants: Nissan, Toyota, General Motors and Ford, and soon Hyundai will also be launched. In factories that already operate, four brands of cars are produced: Opel, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford and Nissan.

Answering the question about what cars are collected inRussia, we can not fail to mention the Kaliningrad region, which can also be ranked among one of the clusters. Since 1997, foreign cars are assembled at the Avtotor plant. At the moment, such brands as Hammer, Chevrolet, BMW, Cadillac and KIA are assembled here, if you count the number of models, then there are more than 25. You should understand that some of them are produced piece by piece and some by whole print runs. Once here they experimented with Chinese cars, but later they abandoned this idea. At the moment, the Kaliningrad region is still the leader in the collection of motor vehicles.

We have already said about what cars are being harvested inRussia, and now it is worth mentioning what will happen next. It is likely that soon two more clusters will form in the country: the Urals and the South. In the Rostov region, cars Hyundai and TagAZ are assembled, buses and trucks of the Hyundai brand are also produced there. A car line, located in Azov, while waiting for the moment of market recovery. Two more car assembly plants are located in the southern district. At the moment, they practically do not work, but are in full readiness for active production.

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