All brands of crossovers. Technical characteristics, prices, choice

In the segment of crossovers, the struggle for eachthe buyer is not inferior in its heat to battles in a similar niche of sedans. Even the slightest confusion on the part of the brand will allow competitors to immediately supersede it from the first positions.

all brands of crossovers

Quite a lot of concerns consider the prospectcrossovers more profitable, turning off production of cars of other classes. For example, the board of directors of the company "Mitsubishi" decided that from this year the concern will suspend the development of new sedan cars. Along with this, the most venerable car manufacturers constantly bring to market new models and modernize SUVs and crossovers of all brands that were issued years earlier.

For a more detailed introduction to the new car industry, their characteristics and prices, we will compile a list of the most expected models for 2015-2016.

Mazda CX-5

Update this year's car is difficult to callcapital, most of all it looks like an easy restyling - point nuances in body, interior and exterior changes, along with a small increase in options of electronic assistants.

crossovers prices

The crossover remained at the same size typical for this class. Changes are visible on the front of the car, where a new radiator grille is located on the background of a stylish front bumper.

Central optics can now be equippedLED DRLs or, as additional options, adaptive headlights. The rear-view mirrors were slightly modified, where a repeater of the turn signals was built in and slightly "corrected" the shape of the mirrors themselves.

The interior was refreshed by means of a new console, which now looks more solid and slightly more rigid, and panel inserts can simulate metal, wood or aluminum.

The chassis has got new shock absorbers, andautomatic transmission has the ability to switch to the drive mode. The engine and its variations along with the transmission remained the same, just like the car's drive.

The basic equipment will cost about 1.1 million rubles.

Audi Q7

All brands of crossovers, like the Audi Q7,were announced as the safest and most reliable in the line of luxury SUVs. And Audi coped with all tests to "excellent", having received the maximum estimation of the jury.

SUVs and crossovers of all makes

The new car of 2015 is assembled fromhigh-strength steel on a completely new platform, using aluminum and composite materials, due to this the weight of the car has significantly decreased and now does not exceed 2 tons.

Body lines have been overhauled, but evenafter that, the style of Audi to confuse with some other style is impossible. If compared with its predecessors, the new Q7 looks much stricter and more taut, but it does not feel individual.

Salon, despite the reduction in sizecar, has become a little more spacious, in total in the cabin can comfortably accommodate seven people. The interior looks a little conservative and somewhere is rustic, but quite cozy.

The line of engines, except for diesel and gasoline, acquired a hybrid power plant. Gearbox for any version of Audi in only one version - 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The basic equipment will cost about 3.6 million rubles.

Qoros 3 City SUV

Reliable crossovers of Qoros line appearedthanks to the efforts of Israeli and Chinese manufacturers. Even despite the front-wheel drive and the base of the sedan, the car has an amazing clearance of 230 mm for such characteristics.

crossovers model range

Small sizes of Qoros and exclusively frontdrive allow it to be described as a typical representative of urban crossovers. The car has an interesting appearance, where Asian and European notes are clearly seen. The overall exterior of the Qoros, together with the trim of the saloon one by one, repeats similar versions of the sedan and hatchback class.

The engine of the car on gasoline, volume 1,6liter, in two variations - atmospheric and turbo. The transmission is produced exclusively 6-speed both mechanical and automatic. As well as all brands of crossovers, Qoros 3 City SUV is available in basic and advanced trim levels.

The basic equipment will cost about 1.5 million rubles.

Kia Sorento

In the development of this model, 2015 was adoptedparticipation designers and engineers from Korea, USA and Germany. The new "Kia Sorento" has received a huge number of changes. Compared with previous models, this added in both size and weight. It looks auto a bit aggressive, but in appearance it looks like a representative class.

reliable crossovers

Crossovers, prices for which grew year by year,allowed the manufacturer to completely change the interior and exterior of the Kia Sorento, adding punching and large items in accordance with the trends of automotive fashion. In addition, the interior has a lot of novelties in terms of design and quality of materials. The instrument panel was completely changed, along with the steering wheel, and the seats became more comfortable and ergonomic.

The engines of the car are available in 4 versions: diesel - 2.0 and 2.2 liters, gasoline - 2.4 and 3.3 liters. Just like all brands of crossovers, "Kia Sorento" is available in basic and advanced trim levels.

The basic equipment will cost about 1.3 million rubles.

Skoda Snowman

Czech manufacturers say that the new "Skoda"will be more "Yeti" by 40 cm. The technical component was taken by engineers from Volkswagen Tiguan, and MQB was approved as a platform. Manufacturers are convinced that the new car will rightfully belong to the class of "luxury crossovers". Prices concern does not intend to raise, but will remember with memorable novelties.

all brands of crossovers

The new car will have both mono-and all-wheel drive system, together with the option to choose a manual or automatic transmission.

Engines of two types - gasoline and diesel, butcapacity not more than 2 liters. The conceptual model should appear in late 2015 at the European exhibition "Best Crossovers". The lineup and other nuances of the company's representatives are still kept secret.

The basic equipment will cost about 1.5 million rubles.

Nissan Murano 3

At the sight of the new "Murano" in the eye immediately rushesThe original design in the style of the concept car, which has been dubbed as Resonance. The car features stylish lighting technology, a new form of bumpers and a window sill.

all brands of crossovers

The novelty pleases with a rather spacious andThe spacious interior with fine furnish by high-quality materials. In addition, the dashboard, the steering wheel was updated and a large touch screen was added.

"Murano" is equipped with a gasoline engine 3.5 liters, coupled with a variator. Just like all brands of crossovers, the Nissan Murano III is available in basic and advanced trim levels.

The basic equipment will cost about 1.8 million rubles.</ em </ p>

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