How the carburettor is tuned

The movement of the car in the first placeis provided due to the force pressing on special motor valves. The pressure is carried out due to the combustion of the mixture from fuel and air, for the appearance and movement of which the carburettor meets the engine. At the heart of the process of mixing fuel and air are laid two physical laws - the Bernoulli principle and the Venturi effect, according to which, the smaller the pressure value, the greater the speed of air movement.

Controlling airflow in the devicecarburettor is carried out with the throttle valve, and it is controlled by the accelerator pedal. The field of application of carburetors are old models of cars, trucks for freight, as well as motor boats and small-sized aircraft. Despite the fact that the device itself does not need to carry out various maintenance activities, the carburetor's high-quality tuning is extremely important for ensuring optimal engine performance. In this regard, let us dwell in more detail on those points that can cause these or other malfunctions of the carburetor.

Carburetor settings

Fuel leaks

One of the most common problems isthe problem of fuel flow. As a rule, when a leak is detected, all the related malfunctions are related to the incorrect operation of the float system, or due to too high a value. The normal pressure level is 4-7 psi.

Ignition spark deposit formation

When applying to the spark plug incorrectthe amount of fuel on them is formed by a deposit, this is most often caused by either a malfunctioning float operation, high pressure, or a malfunction of the float chamber. Also, the increased fuel supply is caused by failure of the valve.

Problems in the engine when idling

Malfunctions of the carburetor

In case of incorrect functioningengine with the specified settings for a certain number of revolutions during the idling, the fault is often justified by the problems associated with connecting the carburetor and the accelerator pedal, the wire. Adjust the carburetor in this case will help detach the wire and check the operation of the throttle manually. Another reason is also not the tuning of the carburetor, but the presence of contaminants or the effects of external factors (corrosion).

Adjust the carburetor

Adjustment of the carburetor first of all beginswith the engine warming up. This is a prerequisite. When performing any action on the engine in a cold state, the carburetor setting will be meaningless. The next important step is to ensure that the throttle is removed from the throttle. Then it is necessary to disconnect the vent tube of the crankcase, after that it is necessary to make sure that there is no vacuum in the advance regulator tube. The next step is to find the quality screws, those screws that are responsible for controlling the mixture. Screws must be screwed in the clockwise direction strictly one at a time until the engine is unstable. If the engine shudders violently, stop spinning and turn it back exactly one turn, the engine will start smoothly.

To ensure trouble-free operation of the engineThis adjustment of the carburettor is necessary with carrying out of similar actions concerning each screw of quality. This will achieve a smooth sound in the engine with the exception of all possible cotton emissions.

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