Motorcycle "Yamaha P1": specifications

The Yamaha R1 sports bike, technicalwhose characteristics speak for themselves, is able to make their owner happy. Only this bike can give an incredible sense of speed and a splash of adrenaline.

Yamaha p1 specifications

History of the motorcycle

The progenitor of Yamaha R1 can be calledsport bike Yamaha FZR1000, whose story began in the near 1988. After 4 years, Honda released a liter literally sports motorcycle CBR900RR Fireblade, which immediately gained popularity among true connoisseurs of speed and dynamic design.

In 1998, Yamaha P1 was first seen. The technical characteristics of the new model motorcycle allowed to improve the dynamics of the bike and its handling.

The blue coloring of the Yamaha R1 immediately became an incredible success for fans of two-wheeled vehicles.

For 15 years the motorcycle Yamaha R1 has undergonesignificant changes that touched the technical equipment of the sports bike, as well as its powerful engine. So, for example, at the very beginning of the XXI century the body of the motorcycle acquired a more rapid and aggressive form. Streamlined bike, respectively, allowed to increase the speed of the motorcycle and reduce the resistance.

Specifications of the motorcycle "Yamaha R1"

The photo perfectly demonstrates all the power anddynamics of the motor. The turning point for the bike was 2007 - it was at this time that its engine became even more refined and powerful. For example, 5 cylinders were easily replaced by 4, while the updated system is capable of changing the length of the intake manifold.

A special attention deserves the brake systemmotorcycle "Yamaha R1". Its technical characteristics are magnificent! The front two-disc brake provides an ideal grip of the wheel with virtually any surface and maintains the stability of the motorcycle on the road and the safety of the pilot.

The maximum speed to which the motorcycle "Yamaha R1" can accelerate is 300 km / h. Less than 3 seconds takes the acceleration of the bike to 100 km / h.

Advantages and disadvantages of the motorcycle Yamaha R1

The leader among sports motorcycles is Yamaha R1. Technical characteristics, as well as stylish and dynamic design distinguish it among other models of sports bikes.

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    Dynamic nature and ease of management. Undoubtedly, there are motorcycles, which in their power are many times greater than P1, but only in it can you find such a harmonious combination of incredible motor power and ease of operation.
  • "Yamaha P1", a photo of which is cleardemonstrates, has charisma, which is visible to the naked eye. Aggressive design and a strong character, audacious sound and a special charm attract the envious glances of others.
  • Rational service - spare parts and supplies for the Yamaha R1 are much easier to find than for all other sports models.

Nevertheless, this bike can not be called ideal.

  • First of all it is necessary to note the so-called"uselessness" of the motorcycle. "Yamaha R1", the price of which varies from 160 to 700 thousand Russian rubles, can not do it at full capacity in the city. To squeeze the last forces out of it on a spacious track to a layman can cost a life or a few broken ribs. As a result, the question arises: why such a volume of the engine, if there are no conditions for its implementation?
  • Insecurity for life and health. Statistics data will be superfluous here, everyone knows perfectly well how many pilots get terrible injuries as a result of a dashing ride. Buying such a motorcycle, immediately it is necessary to worry about the necessary equipment.

Motorcycle "Yamaha R1". The price of pleasure

ямаха р1 photo
Of course, you can buy a motorcycle from the formerowners, without accompanying documents, etc. However, in this situation it is worth considering the options for legal buying an absolutely new bike. Yamaha R1 2013 release from the official dealer will cost about 700 000 rubles. Among similar sports bikes this one is in the middle. So, for comparison, the price of the Kawasaki ZX-10R is about 800 thousand, and the Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade will cost about 650 thousand.

Accordingly, the cost of the bike depends on the year of production. Do not immediately dismiss the option of buying in the secondary market - there you can find quite decent options at an affordable price.

Latest model Yamaha R1

Yamaha motorcycle p1

Technical characteristics of the bike are absorbed in themselvesthe best that has been accumulated for all the years of production of this motorcycle. Particular attention deserves technology Traction Control System. It provides the necessary control of the level of thrust and power. What is it for? First of all, in order to prevent premature tire wear, as well as significantly reduce wheel slip.

In addition to TCS technology, manufacturers have been able to implement the YCC-I system. Its principle is reduced to the rational use of fuel in various speed regimes.

The latest version of Yamaha R1 has a unique"sound", which can not be confused with any other sports motorcycle. This sound can not but rejoice the true biker, he makes the others see off this fast and dynamic handsome man.

The Yamaha R1 is really No. 1 among all sports bikes!

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