What gives a regular oil change?

In every car a huge amount ofliquid. Part of it is in the engine, a part in the radiator, branch pipes, a part in the other containers. Its purpose is very wide. First of all, this is the cooling of the cylinders, since without the cooling liquid the engine simply collapses. In addition, there is still a brake fluid, without which it is also impossible to drive cars, since the vast majority of brake systems are hydraulic. This also includes antifreeze, because it is also quite important in operation.

Change of oil

In this article we will discuss such a liquid asbutter. There are different types and varieties, each of which has its own properties. They determine the purpose. The main property is viscosity. Oil is replaced because it loses its lubricating properties, namely, it becomes liquid. The oil is flooded into the engine, into the gearbox, into the drive axle. Oil change is carried out in all these tanks.

It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the oil. The engine with air constantly gets particles of dust and other debris that adhere to the oil film. It is then washed off and falls into the crankcase of the engine. From there, oil is taken up by the oil pump, a grid is installed on its intake, but it protects only from large debris.

oil change to akpp
Now all the dust that did not represent beforedanger, has become a large piece of dirt, which even can kill high-pressure channels. Changing the oil helps to avoid this. In addition, the oil industry is now represented quite widely, and offers the consumer washing oils that are able to eliminate the remnants of this dirt left from the past oil.

Oil change in the gearbox is not done sooften. On average, after one maintenance. But we must remember that if in mechanics oil can be changed and most, then the replacement of oil in the box machine is carried out exclusively at the maintenance stations that have special equipment. It allows you to wash the box, because for the machine dirty oil is absolutely unacceptable. A complete oil change in the automatic transmission can be quite an expensive operation, as here the payment is charged for the oil used for washing. This is done under high pressure, so in the machine it is very important that all the seals are in proper condition.

oil change box automatic

As for the leading bridges, the transmission oil is used here, which has an increased viscosity, which allows it to form a denser film on the mating parts.

In conclusion, let's return to the engine, because,as usual, this is the heart of the car. Timely replacement of oil and filter elements can prolong the life of the engine much more than most car enthusiasts believe. The new oil retains its properties even at the highest temperatures, therefore, at lower temperatures, the operation becomes more productive. The oil that has receded becomes liquid, it simply drains from the parts, especially at elevated temperatures. But when replacing, it is worthwhile to pay attention to whether there were any leaks, since the garbage that could get into the gaskets was simply washed.

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