What documents are needed for a scooter?

To my great regret, and also to disappointmentof many adolescents in the territory of the Russian Federation, a new bill has recently been in force, according to which it is prohibited to manage any vehicles having an engine with a power of more than 0.25 kW without the rights of the corresponding category. Although many do not bother, because they do not even know what documents for the scooter are needed and whether they exist at all.

Do I need the right to operate the scooter?

If we speak in simple human language, thenThe new law warns drivers that anyone who manages any mechanical vehicles (cars, mopeds, motorcycles, etc.) is required to have a driving license or, to put it more simply, the right to drive a vehicle. They are issued for almost all categories of vehicles, with the exception of bicycles and mechanical vehicles with engines with a power of less than 0.25 kW.

In the rules of the road, there is also a footnote,which explains that an engine is a special mechanical device that converts fuel or electrical energy into a mechanical one and sets in motion the remaining devices of a power-driven vehicle, eventually driving the vehicle itself.

need documents for the scooter

In response to a question about whetherscooter, you can definitely say that yes, because the scooter is attributed in this case to either mopeds or motorcycles, depending on its technical characteristics. And according to the new law, drivers of both must have a driving license.

Technical features of scooters

Why did the new law so upset manyteenagers? Previously, in Russia there were no rights for mopeds, scooters or ATVs with an internal combustion engine with a chamber volume of 50 cubic meters or less, and, in fact, they were equated with bicycles, but starting in November 2013 a new law was issued in accordance with with which it became necessary to register the rights of the category M for the management of mopeds, that is, from the recent time, documents for the scooter are required.

The traffic rules say that a moped is nothing more than aa motor vehicle that has an internal combustion engine with a chamber capacity of up to 50 cubes or an electric motor up to 4 kW, while the speed must be limited to 50 km / h.

In accordance with this, we can say thatmotorcycles, scooters, bicycles with engines, ATVs and other transport, suitable for these specifications, can be considered a moped. Everything that has a more powerful engine in its design, refers to the category of motorcycles. Then what documents are needed for a scooter to ride legally?

If the volume of the scooter engine is up to 50 cubes

In short, the documents themselvesa scooter with an engine capacity of up to 50 cubes is not needed, you only need to have the rights of the corresponding category. In this case, this is the category M (that is, the right to drive mopeds). This category also implies the management of the vehicle with an electric motor up to 4 kW and a moped with a special "cradle".

It is also allowed to manage this groupVehicles to persons with any other category open. This means that if a person has the right to drive a car, then he does not have to retrain to the M category. He simply can take a moped and go, and if he is stopped by a traffic police officer, the driver has the right to give his rights to the employee and go further if he did not commit no violations.

documents for scooter 50

It should be noted that gettingthe right of category M is possible at the age of 16, it is only necessary to pass a course of study and pass the exam in the traffic police. To obtain the rights of most other categories will have to wait for adulthood.

In the rest it can be said that other documentsfor the management of a scooter of this type are not needed, since they are not officially registered on the territory of Russia, as on bicycles. But still, many advise to carry a check for a scooter, or some guide that was attached to it when buying, because in this case it will be much easier to prove to the traffic police officer that the scooter belongs to you and is not listed in the hijacking. Although the owner of the scooter and is not required to provide documents not provided for SDA.

It is important to remember that according to the law an employee has the rightrequire only a driver's license, in the event that the driver manages the scooter to 50 cubes. To check whether the specimen is listed in the hijacking, he can through a special system, and the procedure is performed quickly enough.

If the volume of the scooter engine is more than 50 cubes

In cases where the engine volume is beyondlimits of 50 cubes, it is necessary to formalize the scooter. For vehicles with such an engine, a vehicle certificate (PTA) is issued. Further re-registration occurs in the same way as in the case of a car.

In addition,signs, that is, put the moped on the register, accordingly, you will have to undergo a checkup and get insurance. And, of course, have the rights of the corresponding category, namely A1. It implies the management of vehicles with an engine capacity of 50 to 150 cubes.

The category of A1 rights can also be obtained as early as 16 years. In this case, if category A1 is opened, a moped of up to 50 cubes can be controlled even without the category M.

documents for the scooter 150

What documents for the scooter 150 cubes will beare necessary for registration? The process, as a rule, does not differ much from the registration of other vehicles. The following package of documents is required:

  • Your passport - to issue a certificate of registration and specify the owner, in this case, the person who bought the vehicle.
  • PTS - or vehicle passport, which indicates all the technical characteristics, features, as well as serial numbers and number registration plates.
  • A purchase check or a sales contract to confirm that a person has actually bought and is the owner of the vehicle.

In cases when the registration is made inFor the first time, it is also necessary to have a photocopy of the cargo customs declaration to confirm that the scooter has been officially imported into Russia and cleared. If once bought the tool was registered in Russia, then this document, most likely, will not be needed, since the title will be recorded in the title.

Registration of documents when buying a used scooter

Since the documents for the scooter 50 cube draw upthere is no need, and it is impossible to do this in principle, then it is pointless to consider this topic, on the one hand. But if you judge logically and listen to the advice of scooter drivers, you can understand that all the same it is worth making at least a contract of sale. Because the traffic police officer wants to see at least some documents on the scooter.

This is necessary in order to prove that you are notthey hijacked the moped from the previous owner, but actually bought it for money, because he could have kept any checks or other documents confirming the purchase, with which he can apply and write a statement about the theft of property. With the treaty everything will go much more calmly and will not have to be afraid of falling into the hands of scammers.

sample scooter documents

In this case, the sample documents for the scooter before50 cubes can be considered a sample of the contract of sale of the vehicle. But at the same time it should be taken into account that the MTS on the moped to 50 cubes simply does not exist and it is not necessary to require it from the previous owner or seller.

But in the case of a scooter of another type, it is worthwhile to look for an option with only documents, otherwise it will be impossible to move legally on such transport. The process of registration is simple:

  1. The owner removes the vehicle from the register.
  2. A sales contract is drawn up and the cost is paid.
  3. The new owner is registered.

However, the procedure is familiar to many, because it is identical to the procedure for selling a car or any other vehicle, and it's quite simple.

What if I do not have any documents for the scooter?

Fortunately, Russia does not need to have anydocuments for scooter 50 cubes. GIBDD co-workers can not demand anything but a driver's license, so even if checks or a sales contract were lost, technical books that could be included in the kit, or something else, then there is nothing terrible and critical in fact. Scooter can continue to operate without these papers, because the law provides, especially if the documents really were and the scooter is not listed in the hijacking. To be afraid there is nothing, the main thing is not to violate the rules of the road.

what documents are needed for a scooter

In the event that documents for a scooter have been losta large volume of the engine, it's much easier to restore almost any documents really. Of course, in the event that the scooter was actually registered and has a registration plate. You just need to contact the traffic police and declare their loss, and then prompt you what you should do to restore the documents.

Should I put the scooter on the register and in what cases?

From the above text it can be understood thatOnly scooters suitable for certain characteristics can be registered: the internal combustion engine from 50 to 150 cubic centimeters and developing speed over 50 km / h. In theory, this is not even a scooter, but a real motorcycle, which is conventionally called so.

documents for scooter 50 cubes

But is it necessary to do this? If you plan to use a vehicle, it's just necessary! Because the management of such a scooter without documents is illegal and it is threatened with a fine if such a driver is stopped by a traffic police officer.

Obtaining a driver's license for driving a scooter

Documents for managing the scooter - this is a wholea package of papers, differing depending on what kind of scooter the driver is going to manage. In the simplest case, this is a passport and a driver's license with an open M category. If the moped is more powerful, then the rights with category A1 or A, as well as PTS and insurance.

documents for scooter management

If everything is clear with the PTS and insurance, the registration process is quite simple, then with rights and categories it will be necessary to understand more specifically. Here's what specific categories of rights allow:

  • Category M - allows you to control the vehicle with engine up to 50cubes, which does not need any other documents than the rights. A driver from this category can not drive a vehicle with more powerful engines. For mopeds, there are separate rules, different from those for ordinary motorcycles or cars. This will be the documents for a scooter up to 50 cubes.
  • Category А1 - a completely different category, close to A, but it has a power limit of up to 150 cubes. Also, anyone can easily get it as early as 16 years.
  • Category A - allows you to manage all types of motorcycles, these are already more powerful units with engines in excess of 150 cubes, obtaining the rights of this category is laid strictly from 18 years.

How to take exams to obtain the rights to a scooter in the traffic police?

If you need documents for a scooter, then you have to go through some test:

  1. Training in a driving school for a specific necessarycategory, cost and terms of training depend directly on both the selected category and the driving school itself, but it is worth noting that the M training is mostly shortened and takes no more than 2 weeks.
  2. In parallel with the training or immediately after it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and get a special certificate, according to which the admission to the management of the vehicle is made.
  3. Passing the internal exams of the driving school for admission to the basic is carried out.
  4. The exam itself in the traffic police consists of two parts: theory on the computer and practice on the site and in the city. After the successful surrender, you can officially get the rights.

But do not get upset if you failed to surrenderexamination, because the re-take will take place exactly one week later. And if the second time fails to pass, then a month later. In any case, each driver is able to pass the exam and get the scooter documents on his own.

Penalties for the lack of a driver's license for persons managing scooters

It is clear that it is necessary to have rightsappropriate category, as well as all documents. But what will happen if suddenly the driver is not right, and he still got behind the wheel? In the event of a stoppage of such a driver by the traffic police officers, the moped will be delivered to the parking lot, and the fine will be from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. Pick up a vehicle from the parking lot can only a person who has rights with this category.

If suddenly the driver claims loss of rights, this isin no way will it change the situation, since the loss must be registered. In this case, the driver will be given temporary rights, and after a period of 60 days a new driver's license will be issued.

Do you need documents for a scooter

For an expired certificate also faces a fine. And if there is a sudden violation of the rules, for example, if the driver, already deprived of the rights, will appear again on the road, the fine will be 30 thousand, or correctional work or even imprisonment for up to 15 days will be provided.

It is important to remember that the documents for the scooter are 50 cubesdo not need and should be up to the last to prove to the employee that under the law of punishment for driving on such a vehicle does not exist. If the employee proves the opposite - it is illegal actions that can be challenged in court, writing a dialogue on the phone or camera.

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