Which water scooter to choose?

The very first water scooter in the world, JetSki fromcompany Kawasaki, appeared about 40 years ago and contributed to the emergence of a new market in the market, offering the buyer a previously unknown form of personal water transport.

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In recent years, the release of hydrocycles leadingproducers is seriously reduced by introducing new environmental bans in many countries aimed at protecting the environment. If you are not averse to plunging into a thrill, today is ready to offer you some modern models that will add a little adrenaline to your rest. In this article we will stop to look at the latest model of the Japanese manufacturer, under whose name the light saw the first water scooter. Kawasaki 800 SX-R, released in 2011, is no doubt worthy of being considered as an option for those who are looking for an excellent hydrocycle. Due to its characteristics and pleasant appearance, this car attracts attention not only amateurs, but also professionals.

Kawasaki 800 SX-R

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The final model is the last stepdevelopment, which climbed water scooters "green company", the release of which started in the seventies. The main advantage of the SX-R is its advanced features and easy control. The hydrocycle has a two-stroke engine with a vertical cylinder arrangement, whose working volume is 781 cc. A powerful motor is powered by two Mikuni carburettors. Moisture-proof and easy-to-use condenser-ignition system with digital integration, aggressive timing of the exhaust port and an exhaust pipe with a large diameter - all this creates incredible power. However, this does not mean that before you a noisy and unreliable water scooter: in order to lower the temperature under the engine hood and suppress noise, the exhaust pipe is surrounded by a casing of water cooling.

Excellent filling in a decent shell

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A fairly large innovation body, whichhas a water scooter "Kawasaki" 800 SX-R, also sets standards among themselves like. It is made of durable fiberglass, which helps to minimize the weight of the model without compromising on reliability. The water scooter has a length and width of 2.3 and 0.7 m, which allows you to place it in a small truck. The weight of the hydrocycle without fuel is 170 kilograms, and three people will be needed to move the aquabike overland. The advantage of the new model over older versions is a relatively simple operation. A comfortable and sufficiently wide deck with soft upholstery, as well as a special design of the hull, contribute to the high level of hydrocycle stability on the water. It has a high level of security, regardless of whether you are moving in a calm or surf the waves. If you fall into the water, you will not be difficult to get back on the scooter. A water view of entertainment, fortunately, suggests that the fall overboard the hydrocycle is much less painful than the drop from a land-based mode of transport.

If you plan to make water walks along theshore, then you can use a sedentary water scooter, and if you want to compete for speed, you better get a standing model. On it you can practice various tricks.

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