Is it possible to operate a scooter with category "C"? What rights are needed for a scooter

For the reason that the legislation of our countryis changing quite often, many owners of these or other vehicles have questions about the driver's license. Most often people are interested in what categories it is possible to control a scooter or what penalties are applied if there is no right for a vehicle of this type. We'll talk about this all and will consider in detail later in the article.

Is it possible to operate a scooter with category C

Documents on mopeds this year

First of all, it should be noted that three years agorequirements for the management of motor vehicles have increased significantly. This is especially true for light vehicles. As a consequence, the owners of these modes of transport are interested in whether it is possible to manage the scooter with the category "C". About this and not only - later in the article.

And what does the law say about this?

The law of a federative nature №193-ФЗ from 10.12.1995 "On Road Safety" in Article No. 25 discloses the main provisions concerning the admission to the management of vehicles. Among all the others, the category "M" is distinguished, implying the management of scooters, mopeds and light quadricycles.

Driving license category "M" waswas introduced in 2013, namely, on November 5. Many may think that starting from this date all drivers of such funds should have gone to pass the qualification exam. But it did not quite happen. The updated rules for granting the rights of the category "M" were adopted a year later, in November 2014. It was from this period that all drivers of scooters, mopeds and so on could receive the corresponding document, of course, after passing the training.

what rights are needed for a scooter

Required documents

So, now consider the question of which rightsneed a scooter. We draw your attention to the fact that the SDA has also been amended accordingly. Proceeding from the fact that the moped and similar machines are mechanical means, the driver is obliged to have with him the rights.

Moped in the first place is a two-wheeledor a three-wheeled vehicle of a mechanical nature. Its speed should not exceed 50 km per hour. The engine of this apparatus with internal combustion and volume, which a priori does not exceed 50 cubic meters. see To such mopeds the law is added and quadricycles having similar characteristics.

Proceeding from this, the law prescribes which rightsneed a scooter. That is, when driving, the driver must have and, on demand, show rights with the category "M" to police officers or a temporary permit for the right to manage this facility. No other documents are required in this case. If a scooter is without rights, different penalties are implied, which in most cases consist directly of standard fines.

scooter without rights

Categories of rights for driving a moped

On the question of whether it is possible to control the scooter withcategory "C", we answer accurately and clearly. The legislation of our country implies the management of such funds in the category "M". But still the federal law has prepared a loyal application of other categories in such cases. For example, if a driver has a driver's license with the category "B" or "C", then he has every right to get behind the wheel of a scooter or a moped.

Article 25, paragraph 7, clearly states thatthe driver, upon obtaining a particular category of rights from the current list, has the right to manage funds of the "M" category. When driving without category "M" driving is not a violation of traffic rules.

with what categories can you manage the scooter

But it is worth noting that in the event that in the graphcategory "M" will be marked with two letters - "ML", then the management of scooters and mopeds is strictly prohibited. A mark of this nature indicates that the driver has a restriction in terms of medicine.

This information gives an answer to the question of whether it is possible to control the scooter with the category "C" and others.

The change in the traffic rules of this type was introduced from April 2014 and is still valid today.

The tractor operator's certificate and foreign rights

The same article 25, paragraph 7, states thatThe management of scooters and similar vehicles is permitted only with a driver's license. From this it turns out that the certificate of the tractor driver in this case is not a permission to operate such units. For this, a corresponding fine is required.

Also, according to this article, we can understand,that the management of these funds in the presence of foreign driving permits is not solvable. Only a certificate of the Russian model. Consider this for an example.

In the event that the driver has foreignrights with the category "C", then it can not be managed by scooters in a country like Russia, according to the law. Police patrols can detain him for such a violation of the law.

From this it becomes clear that the rightsforeign origin can be valid in the management of scooters and mopeds only if there is directly open category "M". Other options can not be considered.

category on scooter

Penalty in this or that case

As we stated earlier, for the management of a scooter without rights, the police punish fines. What and for what, we will consider in more detail.

To date, the management of the scooter withoutdriver's license in our country is a violation of the law. In this regard, anyone who does not comply with the administrative law, must pay a fine, the amount of which is from 5 thousand to 15 thousand rubles. This is confirmed by Article 12.7 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses dated 30.12.2001 No. 195-FZ, where it is stated that the management of a vehicle without authorization for this entails the imposition of an administrative fine on an individual.

It is also worth noting that this finethe driver does not get off. Also, in the event of such a violation, a person will be removed from the administration and the rights will be confiscated, and the vehicle itself will be sent to the penalty area of ​​the police station. But to pick up a moped or a scooter a person can only after obtaining permission to manage this tool.

We hope that we answered all your questions, including whether it is possible to manage a scooter with a category "C".

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