How do I pump the clutch? Tips for Motorists

If your car is equipped with a mechanicalgearbox, you should regularly check the condition of all of its parts and components. An important component of the transmission is the coupling, which also needs regular diagnostics. And when excess air forms in the clutch system, it can lead to the most unforeseen breakdown, up to the complete failure of the gearbox. Therefore, if you find there is gas contamination, you should as soon as possible to pump the clutch. On the "Opel Astra" this procedure is done similarly to domestic VAZs, so today we will consider a universal instruction for removing air from the hydraulic system of the mechanism.

how to pump the clutch

Why is this happening?

Before pumping the hydraulic clutch, you need to find out the reason why it gassed. And the air in the system can arise for the following reasons:

  • If a pipeline is punctured in the car.
  • The thread in the clutch connections is slightly tightened.

In either case, air can enter any of the systems, so when it is detected in the clutch, you should act immediately. The answer to the question: "How to pump the clutch?" - Further in our article.


First fill the cylinder with a liquid. Pour necessarily through a screen filter until the capacity is completely filled. Further we find in the upper part of the pneumatic hydraulic booster a special overflow valve. We take a small piece of hose. We connect it with one end to the union (it is under the valve cap), and the second - with a small capacity of 500 milliliters, where we will pour the brake fluid. After about 1/3 of the material has been filled in, proceed to the next step. Next, we will press the brake pedal to pump out all the air from the system. But before releasing the clutch, unscrew the bypass valve.

how to pump hydraulic clutch

It is not recommended to press the pedal with all the force. The entire stage is done smoothly and accurately so that we can examine the state of the fluid that has leaked out. We press the pedal until air bubbles cease to appear in the container. If the level of the tank is slightly reduced, add another couple of milliliters of brake fluid. We pour not to the very limit. It is important that at least 2-3 centimeters of the filled material should recede from the upper edge. But this is not the end of our work. How do I pump the clutch after stopping the bubbles? Then we get out of the car and close the bypass valve. In this case, it is necessary to take into account one nuance. When you close the valve, the clutch pedal must be in the clamped position. To do this, call a friend for help or put some heavy object on it.

bleed an opal astra

Then remove the hose from the fitting and cover itrubber cap. If the level of liquid in the tank has fallen again, add it to the same limits. At this stage, the procedure under the title "How to pump the clutch" is completed. Now we check the quality of work. To do this, press the clutch to the stop and, if necessary, adjust the pedal position. That's all.

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