Mono-injection - malfunctions, operating principle and properties

Monovzysk is a complex technical device,which enters the fuel injection system. This part is installed on almost all modern cars of foreign and domestic production, including the VAZ Priory. At the "Audi-80" there is also a mono-injection. The main thing that distinguishes it from the "medieval" carburetor is the possibility of injecting fuel directly into the cylinder with the help of special injectors. And all cars that are equipped with this part have an exclusively injected type of power.

mono fault injection

Thus, a mono-shot isan electronically controlled single-point system that delivers fuel to the cylinders under extremely low pressure. As already noted above, the distinguishing feature of this part is the presence of the nozzle. This element is controlled by a special solenoid valve and is an integral part of such a part as a mono-injection.


As you know, domestic gasoline is full of all kindsforeign impurities in the form of sulfur, mud and similar materials. So the malfunctions of mono-injection can arise precisely because of poor quality of fuel. Another cause of failure is a heavily contaminated fuel filter, which leads to interruptions in the internal combustion engine.

Why is mono-injection broken?

single injection faults
Malfunctions of this part arise for one simple reason - the intake manifold injector begins to absorb a lot of dirt and thereby clogs the entire mono-injection system.

On what does this part depend?

Basically the technical condition of this partdepends on the speed of the crankshaft, as well as the angle of opening of the throttle. Such details as mono-injection of a malfunction can arise precisely because of the wrong speed of the crankshaft and the malfunction of the flap. Another important characteristic, which significantly affects the state of this part, is the optimal ratio of the combustible mixture before it enters the combustion chamber.

How to troubleshoot a system like mono-injection?

Malfunctions of this part may not occurOnly with regular monitoring of the throttle valve. In the event that the last detail is always serviceable and produce the optimal air-to-gas ratio, the mono-injection will not only ensure the smooth operation of the engine, but also improve the environmental performance of its exhausts. And even the domestic VAZ can be adjusted so that it corresponds to the European standard EURO-5. Also for such a detail as a mono-injection fault can be eliminated if the oxygen sensor is in good condition, which also plays a major role in the fuel injection system.

Audi 80 mono injection


If the given spare part is not liableindependent repair, it means that only professionals can cope with this. SRT, of course, will bill a lot for their services, but where to go? So it turns out that it is cheaper to follow the rules of operation, to change filters in a timely manner, and also to fill in the engine only with high-quality gasoline, which, unfortunately, is an exception on our roads.

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